Note to Devs: Please remove Feedback thread (Please Lock Admins)

I’ve been playing this game since phase II of the beta and have enjoyed playing it with friends. No matter what happened from phase II to present day, my friends and I would log in and enjoy the game while finding new ways to die.

Until recently, I’ve noticed a lot of the feedback that people are giving about how they want the game to be instead of how it should be.

My friends and I are casual players but also like to one day move up to the Legendary difficulty. We can clear Champion but at this point in time with the increased special disablers, it has been fairly challenging. Currently, we have an 80% success rate. Not too shabby. The game isn’t about winning or loot, it’s about having fun with friends.

Unfortunately, a few select people are ruining the game for everyone else. I’ve seen this exact same scenario before with Black Power Games. Another Indie gaming developer who listened to their community but listened so much that it ran their company into the ground. Now I will never know what happened to my character in Betrayer as there will never be a sequel.

FatShark, I am begging you, please do not continually change the game because a few people who have no lives, jobs, or significant others claim the game is too easy and needs to be made harder.

I’m all for balance changes to be able to play the game as intended but you’re getting the feedback from the wrong type of people.

I played Skyrim for a long time. Started out playing on Novice (easy) to get the feel of the game. Then worked my way to Legendary (survival) difficulty. When I play Skyrim now, I always play on the hardest difficulty. Learning game mechanics and being able to gradually move up in difficulty is a very satisfying experience. It should be natural and the jump between difficulties should be evenly spread out.

The difficulty gap between Champion and Legendary is too great. It’s not only harder but the spawn rate of specials, elites, patrols, and other types of enemies are 4x greater even after the last patch.

I absolutely love this game and already got my money’s worth but I would like to continually play this game for a long time.

Making the Legendary difficulty for a handful of people is not fair to the other 97% of players that bought your game. Casual players are your money makers. The no-lifers will eventually move on after boredom.

Please remove Feedback thread to prevent a select number of people from running your amazing game and company into the ground. I would like to see you continually thrive in the business to create and develop new games.

TL;DR Less than 3% of the community are calling for hero nerfs and enemy buffs because they have no life and want the game to be incredibly hard and ruining the experience for the casual players. The game should be fun while challenging but not so hard that it’s incredibly impossible to play and enjoy. They are going to ruin FatShark and cause them to go out of business.

+1 if you want FatShark to thrive and not let these people ruin our game!


If they had removed the feedback thread, how could you have given your feedback that you just did. =)

FS can listen to people’s feedback or they can ignore it. They are still the dev’s. It doesn’t hurt to have more opinions.

How it should be is pretty much the same as how they want it to be =)

Anyway, I love the game too. I seriously don’t mind its faults. As for difficulty, I think legend is alright where it is at. You can choose champion or down if you want to play more casually. Legend isn’t that bad. My group has one player who is around veteran champion skill level and we usually pull through.


I agree with you at most parts, but removing a whole thread from the forum wont solve the elitist problem that you mentioned, also there are other sites(reddit,steam) where ppl can give feedback, and the devs reading those too… you would remove those too?

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So you want Fatshark to remove the feedback thread and stop listening to anyone else but you and your friends?

Wow, what an amazing idea.

Edit: Also i work around 42 hours a week currently, and spend more time outside with friends than i do in front of my computer. Yet me and my friends completed all maps on legendary at the end of last week. You don’t have to be a “No life, unemployed, lonely, wrong type of person” as you so eloquently put it, in order to beat legendary maps.


I’ll admit the jump in difficulty from champion to legendary can be a bit overwhelming at first; but then again, once you’re done with champion, legendary is definitely much more rewarding (mentally) and after a point, its the only difficulty you’ll want to play.

I think the game has enough room for a spectrum of players, from casual to hardcore. One does not have the exclude the other. Maybe create a 5th difficulty between Champion and Legend so the jump is more manageable. The game play is hardcore, there is no changing that, its one of the defining characteristics of the game. People don’t play Legendary so they can brag, they play it because they crave challenge.

Also, obviously not all threads in this forum are ones suggesting the game should be impossibly hard. There have been many who want it to be easier as well. So I fail to see the reason for removing the forum, though I presume it was not meant as a serious suggestion.

Sources: Dude trust me?
I highly doubt there is a conspiracy to ruin the fun for casual players. Most people don’t think like that.

Without words about “no life” (it feels like 2009), I agree… there is this “nerf fixation” that will ruin the fun.

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Honestly even of some of the folks here have very strong opinions and get very negative or launch personal attacks…I don’t think silencing them is the right option. In their own way they are showing their passion for the game and what they want, even if it isn’t always constructive.

No system is perfect. Places like Reddit often turn into a majority suppresses all circlejerk, right or wrong. The forums here are the opposite since you can just keep bumping something with a handful of people. Allows a small minority of people to potentially keep the entire forum flooded with topics of their choice as they agree with each other and disagree with (or attack) those they disagree with.

I’d imagine collectively they can help keep things in perspective. Alot of work though. Heart goes out to the devs trolling the forums and Reddit. Bless your beautiful thick skins :). It’s a rough job.

Just played the balance beta and it’s even worse than all of the previous patches and betas combined.

1.) Can’t hit enemies
2.) Enemies still hitting us from miles away
3.) Taking damage and getting downed at end of event on Righteous Stand (seriously?)
4.) Staggering is non-existent

There are so many other problems but I’m so flipping mad I can’t think straight. If these changes become applied to the main game, my friends and I will be boycotting Vermintide II until the game actually gets fixed, if ever.

Do not misunderstand. I don’t mind balance changes. Making the game more difficult for a select few ruins the experience for those who would like to move up difficulty naturally. I have no problem at all playing higher difficulties in other games but this game is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Who is this game really made for? Youtubers and Twitch streamers. Forget casual players. They don’t exist.

So long everyone. Going back to original Vermintide.


Bro, that’s a low blow…

To actually contribute to this discussion - the game was made to accommodate everyone. People whom really enjoy challenges (like playing dark souls and blood born etc) have legendary difficulty. People who just want to mindlessly slaughter stuff have recruit and everyone else falls in between. Legendary is not for everyone. It is for those people whom enjoy the harsh gaming environment.

You claim that less than 3% of people are asking for increase in difficultly, however, it was the fact that this game was difficult which main VT 1 popular enough to make a second game.

People like different things - so Fatshark has given people different settings with which to have fun. Something for everyone.


This is some of the most comically hypocritical garbage I have ever read.


What about all the feedback calling for character buffs?

Edit: lol, I responded to a thread from a year ago. Please ignore.