Higher difficulty pls

I’ll make this a short one. I think legend is to easy and I’d like a higher difficulty introduced into the game.
I know I can play deeds but they are far between so thats not a solution. Neither is modded realm as I dont care for playing without rewards.

Maybe you disagree but I’m at a point where legend is no more difficult than recruit and since I like the game I’d like to keep playing but without any new gear etc to find tgere is only the gameplay itself and when that is too easy its just meh. And thats a shame. Reading forum posts and talking with people it is evident that others feel the same.

Doesn’t have to be overly complicated.
Hordes in themselves are not a challange but they could easily become so by augmenting their hp, strength and size. Double everything mentioned and make them come all all once instead of in a steady stream that gives players a chance. We dont want a chance. We want to prevail in the face of overwhelming odds.

Do the same with elites.

Introduce double bosses.

Remove parry while reviving.

Increase ff dmg to deal the attacks correct amount of dmg.

Remove ammo regen and make crates etc the only option for replenishing it

Thank you

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There’s a balance patch coming soon™ so hopefully they’ll address a lot of people concerns about cruising through legend. I think that we’ve experienced a lot of power-creep as fixing talents and bug fixes to actually make things work as intended (that weren’t before) has made the players too powerful. Couple that with nerfs to spawns and special spawn rates and boos damage/health and patrol spawning and you have the current situation.

On the flip side, there’s in only a tiny percentage of the playerbase who are moaning about Legend being too easy. The people here who want a more difficult end-game are the people who are thoroughly engaged with the game to the point they will comment on these forums. While there may be a demand for a more dififcult… difficulty, it is for a very accomplished collection of high quality players. Possibly not something worth FS investing time in when there is still a lot of balancing to do with the existing difficulties.


I see what youre saying and it’s not that I disagree but the hardcore player base you talk about is also the people whom is going to keep playing and buying dlc’s etc. As long as there is adequate rewards in doing so. I would say that FS should pay much attention to what the forum players are asking as they are the ones that are going to stay the longest.

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