We need a 5th difficulty

I’m quite bored with legend currently. There just isn’t enough of a challenge most of the time, and the runs that are fun, where you nearly wipe multiple times, are always due to rare RNG combos. Now, if the game was a total wash, i’d just call it quits for good, but every now and then you luck out with a fun team composition, devoid of any “meta” careers, and have a blast, barely making it through by the skin of your teeth. Unfortunately though, these games are the exception, and generally you’re just clicking your way through the hoards, admiring the pretty scenery. I don’t care at all about reds or cosmetics, they’re just show pieces, so the loot game isn’t keeping me interested.

I don’t want a Borderlands/Destiny/Diablo end game, where everyone becomes a nuclear wrecking ball, and the only reason to continue playing is to get shinier weapons, which only end up making the game easier.

However, I understand this is not a commonly held view, for no reason other then you have to spend a lot of time playing games before they start to feel boring. I get that most of the sales behind a game are from people that just want to have some relaxed fun with friends on the weekend. But there is no reason games should be mutually exclusive to one group or the other.

Throwing in a 5th difficulty would create a space for people that only play for the challenge, while leaving every thing else untouched. Legend+, or whatever you’d call it, would simply be Legend with a lower power multiplier, such as 2 instead of 3.5. No new tier of chests, loot should be identical to legend. Doing so would isolate this difficulty away from the loot game, meaning a 20% success rate is totally acceptable, as there is no reason to play it other then the fun of the challenge.

I want to enjoy this game, it is so clearly a labor of love, but without a hard-as-hell endgame there is nothing keeping me playing.


While I suspect your wish may come true at some point, it sounds like you’re at a point where you need to make your own fun. Find someone to (true) duo with, then solo. Find weird weapon combos and playstyles. Do a run with Blacksmith weapons. Try to join someone’s Twitch mode game. And of course, wait for the mods. There are bound to be a few hardcore modes coming up.


If you can consistently get wins on Legend with random groups, then you are a very good player and I envy you. As the poster above me has already suggested, you can try True Solo or duo – it can be a very challenging experience. When you’re playing with friends, you can try Heroic Deeds – I’ve been doing them a lot with my group and some of them we were unable to complete yet.


They should revamp deeds. They’re meant to be the ultimate challenge but making them rare drops that don’t give any worthwhile loot is just not enough.


Right now you can either play on Twitch mode, or wait for mod support in a couple weeks. You can be quite sure that difficulty mods will be available quickly.

Absolutely agreed. I voiced this like on the first week of launch. The game needs a “hard as hell” difficulty. At the moment I’ve completed all maps on Legend True Duo, so the only thing left to do is play True Solo I suppose. I’d absolutely love a fifth difficulty, with maybe cosmetic rewards from it (like how in Payday 2 there were difficulty masks), but the loot boxes would be the same as on Legend so people wouldnt be pressured to come there.

Its just annoying to see people complain about how Legend is unfair if you get a horde+boss, while us veterans are hungering for more challenge.

I would like to see you playing legend true duo with both grims and blacksmith items.

May have to just find creative ways to challenge yourself with duo/solo runs until mod tools get here. I’m not as good as you yet, but I had the same experience back in my L4D days… no matter what the highest difficulty is some people will master it and find it relatively easy.

ah yes, add another difficulty so it too can be nerfed repeatedly due to people crying on the forums, or it reaches payday 2 levels of insane min/maxing.

legend should have been what you’re asking for, and it was a lot better on the beta branch of the patch. i don’t think you’re going to get it from this community until mods come though. everyone’s mind is set on it being some diablo level “kill everything on screen with one button” type of game now. if i’m not hitting 14 enemies with my great sword, then what’s the point after all?

inb4 5th difficultly too hard. I can’t complete it with my character that runs off by myself and has no team coordination whatsoever. Please nerf in order to heal my feelings.



What kind of difficulty are you looking for though. If you are thinking of thousands of specials just wait for the mods.
Something I would love personally is the same spawn rate as vet/champ but with way stronger and more aggressive npc.

My reasoning for this is that I’m not overly fond of grinding through the horde upon horde but the combat in between those encounters. Fatshark has made this beautifull combat system wich i enjoy very much but I feel it is a bit lost on hordes.(no diss on the horde mechanic though)

Welcome to consequences of RNG difficulty and Ranged Meta. Enjoy your stay.

Honestly, the problem for me is that the game’s difficulty is AI Director being a one trick pony. The only thing he can do to make any difficulty challenging is to spam specials, and that’s it. Now, this is kind of a difficulty spike is not a bad thing itself, it’s just that there is nothing else. If the AI Director is on a smoke break from being a raging a-hole, dumping 5 specials on you every other minute, you barely feel the difference between Legend and Champion. Sure, things are more spongy, but so what? Like @grimmochov rightly observes, hordes are a non issue due to every decent weapon having more than enough cleave. For instance Glaive, a dedicated anti-armour, shield-breaking weapon has no problem handling hordes whatsoever. This means that whole team can gear for elites, making them trivial in the process, without any trade-off.

Throw on top of that the Holy Trinity of Meta - BH, Pyro and WS, with their heat-seeking missiles on short CDs, instant elite delete almost on demand, chain stagger for bosses while melting them in matter of seconds, the frikkin beam staff of ultimate doom etc., and no combination of enemies is capable of even closing the distance without being decimate, UNLESS the AI director throws in his trusty specials which force you to scatter.

But special spam is random. You can run 3 games straight not having to deal with it, and you’ll sleepwalk through Legend, casually decapitating ambience and mowing down hordes, if you are highly skilled like OP. Then, the next 3 games can be special hell, and thus RNG difficulty is created. But it is not consistent and OP seems to expect consistency, which I would welcome as well. But it cannot be, as long as difficulty rests wholly on random spikes.

IMHO, I don’t know if we need another difficulty level, but I know that it won’t change much if it is not consistently hard. What I mean is that on highest level of challenge, you should be forced to fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground. Every horde should be scary and not a serving of temp health. Every boss should be an epic battle, not some loser you stunlock into oblivion… or whack for a couple minutes while he is busy parkouring (I’m looking at you Stormfiend).

TL;DR: Random spikes only is not enough for consistent challenge. Make every piece of the difficulty puzzle (bosses, hordes, elites etc.) more dangerous through combination of buffs and nerfs to blatantly imbalanced stuff (beam, ammo economy). Implement this as new difficulty, or tweak Legend, does not really matter.

I would be alright with this, but for sure check out some deeds if you get them, some of them are abysmal, we had a double emps vault one on skittergate that took like 9-10 attempts to finally nail down.


Indeed, I’m still trying to do this one…


Uhm… to make legend harder it is non sense, imho. A new difficulty could be nice, anyway I think there are other things that have the priority… we still have a bugged and unbalanced game.

And maybe they should fix endgame/reds, otherwise it’s impossible to make a decent equip (without to play 24/7).

It’s already in the game, go play “back to basics” deed.

go play “back to basics” deed.

I’d love to if I could pick a map and roll some modifiers for it. But instead I get a single deed every 15 hours which is for a random map with random modifiers and after you do it, its gone forever. Not exactly the best way to get consistent challenge going, wouldnt you say?

I’m pretty sure, deeds will be on point after some time, many things aren’t very consistent right now :slight_smile:

Hopefully with mod tools in the future, someone will be able to make a mod that replaces all roaming enemies with Chaos Spawns.

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