Veteran and champion modes too easy, please increase difficulty

way too easy. deeds provide a good alternative to adding challenge though. maybe up deed rates? course I’d be happy with random conditions on missions anyway.

Wait for 1.05 to go live, it’s significantly harder.


switch to the beta through steam properties and see how hard the game is now.

do legend??


champion is still a faceroll on 1.05

Agreed, but there’s people threatening to quit from the difficulty all the same.

i’m rolling my eyes. easy for you, but not to many others. stop trying to change game design difficulty based on your personal skill perception. play legend if you find it too easy.

there’s 4 difficulty modes for a reason.


Man I just wish they would increase all difficulty and maybe add a new “God” Difficulty mode for people who are god’s at the game, like me.

As @mookanana said, if you find it too easy on Vet or Champion, go play Legend. If you want to troll (which your last post seems to suggest), kindly go find another forum to do so.

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For me, it’s ok.

Go troll someplace else please.

This pyromancer main @RAMRODICUS needs to do legend true solo runs.

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So, did you just not notice that there’s a higher difficulty after champion…?

the OP is a troll, ignore him lol

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