Champion Difficulty Change

In the past I was able to handle the Champion difficulty ok. Now, I can’t even hope to finish a single run. Not one. Not after 6 or more tries. The change you guys did was far too much. I understand you’re still trying to adjust the difficulty but this felt worse than Legend difficulty after what I’ve just experienced.


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you can play with bots and spam left click and you will win in champion…

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Can confirm lol… Play WS with glaive and autistically spam hagbane arrows everywhere and you’re guaranteed a win. It’s why we elves are so hated, no one understands our strategies…


Video or it didn’t happen

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Though I do agree that Champion isn’t hard for veterans of the game at all, but I hate gross exaggerations like this. 3 default bots with default careers and default items - go on, try to left-click your way to victory on any class.


May we know what level / power are you doing Champion ?
I mean as they said, when you’re skillful enough, it is true you can solo it even with a low power, but maybe your problem with champion just comes from this :stuck_out_tongue:

well if you are new to the game maybe its hard for you but if you read the OP he said: “but this felt worse than Legend difficulty”… if you can complete legend with people but not champion maybe you are the problem and you are being carried in legend?

My original reply to you had nothing to do with what OP was saying and instead addressed your blatant exaggeration of reality. Stop deflecting when you are confronted with simple premises, please.
P.S. - As for the OP post - yeah I completely disagree with the idea that champion is harder than legend and if you do think that it is then you ARE getting carried on the highest difficulty by more experienced players.

what im deflecting? that you cant just swing left click in champion? of course not… was an exaggeration! why are you so mad and crying?

Oh I’m not mad, I just want people to not take those exaggerations on the feedback section of the forum and especially in the topics that concern the crux of your exaggeration. That’s all.

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what are you saying? the original post was leXith saying he cant win any champion game and legend felt better than champion, i only made a joke if you are offended because you play on champion too its not my problem, i lost interest in this post

I don’t think he’s lying at all…

I am pretty sure what happened to him is that he’d been playing with people hosting on Medium end systems… THEN suddenly got Hosts with HIGH end systems and got the spamfest.

Probably caught him totally off guard.

Seen this many times over… hell even with some Legend Players who never knew just how Spammy the game becomes on a high end system.

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