Champion - horde density

Please bring back the old horde density. We now have lesser and smaller waves, with I believe less meatier enemies. It doesnt feel good.

Champion didnt need to get easier.

Also the guaranteed med pickups are totally overkill now. Ty.


Maybe they made Champion easier so they could make Legend very hard? I personally have not played yet on Legend but you should give it a shot and see how it works out.

their was a huge gap between veteran and champion…
i didnt try the new champion, but reading you i feel like maybe it s not so bad to have it easier.
and legend will be punitive for sure so no worries

If you think champion is TOO easy then maybe you should head over to legend. Since it seems you are of the right stuff. A difficulty is only valuable if it is the highest. The point of a game is not to make the second highest ULTRA hard so nobody can complete it. Then the point of the hardest loses its value. In BETA I would have agreed with you since champion was top of the food chain, but no longer.

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The gap between veteran and champion was absolutely ridiculous. Special and bosses spawning was out of control.

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I just played Festering for the first time. Its a joke. The entire Monolith event is empty now. No more vermin hordes adding. Way less specials. I saw a single Savage adding in the second cluster.

The Champion before was fine. And yea Legend is brutal, and i dont think its something that you casually play here and there when just pubbing. Thats what Champion is for. Something thats challenging but still able to be played in a casual environment in public matchmaking.

Idk what this mentality is that everybody should be able to beat anything without effort after 30h game time, exaggerating. Champion before was not too hard because of its hordes. The horde density made the game feel really good, and was a huge improvement over vt1. They could have let less double disables spawn, made the bosses a bit easier, tones down ugly combinations, or something like that.

They decided to make hordes smaller, and add unnecessary guaranteed health pickups. You get 4 medkits + ammo box before the cart event on Empire now. Thats about what you get before a Act boss. Its stuipid.


Is it much harder than VT1 cata if you are fully geared? VT1 cata was definitely pubbable (well maybe not on sundays :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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The gap between Veteran and Champion was absurd because they kept nerfing Veteran. Now they are nerfing Champion, Who you think they will be gunning for next?

Another game ruined by listening to the casuals complaining they cant beat a difficulty without much effort or learning the games mechanics and doing proper teamwork.

FatShark what the hell are you doing ?

The chaos hordes density is a real problem because unlike VT1, you can’t cleave through the entire horde and have MUCH less crowd control here.


the problem is the Ansturm of special enemies and “shielded” enemies which you can’t crowd control easily and can easily disable you with 1 shot.

I really don’t think champion needs a nerf, even for the casuals. It doesn’t help that the minimum power for it is so easy to get so you have people doing less than they could be. The gap between champion and legend is extremely large and champion just feels like a breeze now every time I run it. Legend is something you shouldn’t be pubbing, champion is, people just need to understand that if they aren’t that amazing at the game, then they won’t do so well with the minimum power.

I miss the closed beta times where you actually felt afraid when a Chaos Warrior turned towards you. Make normal easy for all I care, but all other difficulty levels should require team work and good understanding of the game.


you can though. before it went live we always went with the mentality of shooting them and thinning them out a lot rather than fighting head on as it was a pain in the ass, but ever since release they’re an absolute joke to cleave through.

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ok i confirm, champion is too easy. however legend is the challenge, and now the gap is between champion and legend. so everything is as usual, kind of…

The Horde density is rather crazy and allmost unbeatable but only when we zone in2+ real-life players.
I can solo Champion (some maps) with 3 bots but when we load in 2+ real persons the horde denstity is over the top.
Anyone else experience this?

Edit: Talking about Champion difficulty here.

Cat? Cat is a walk in the park compared to legend.

Had a failed run last night, team around 25k damage total and we died 3/4 of the way to the end. Others weren’t so bad, but it’s a workout and a half.

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