This is not supposed to be an easy game

This is a game set in the WARHAMMER END TIMES one of the most absolutely brutal, unforgiving, soul crushing universes ever imagined. This is what happens when you give Stalin super powers and the ability to mutate people and force them to his will the make him allies with Kim Jong Un who has as many nukes as the U.S. This is not supposed to be an easy game. It’s difficulty should be comparable to Dark Souls if not harder.


I like your feedback because you state your opinion without insulting anyone or being inflammatory. While I don’t fully agree it should be as hard as dark souls, it should absolutely be a massive challenge which tests your teams resolve on higher difficulties, rewarding skill above all. There should be no shortcuts.

Is it an easy game? Curious… how many full legendary runs have you completed?

tried Champion today with some mates on the map Grain the first boss recked us xD

from what I’ve read the game overall is more difficult than VT 1 yet people still constantly talk about how this game is “sooo easy”… even some Cata vets I talked too think that Legend is roughly 10x more difficult than Cata… how about you play the highest difficulty before complaining about the game being too easy…

Also “it should be comparable to dark souls”, yes compare a PVE COOP Game to a PVE SP game without (afaik) such enemy hordes ingame…

I know it’s brutal, people crying about stuff on this forum are stuck on recruit/vet making grand claims.

Legend is pretty spicy, my 2 buddies and i have had full runs on it a few times since release and it’s been a workout. Specials coming 247, chaos knights/ skaven together all the time. Patrols are 15 chaos knights, gas rat can kill your whole team if you dont kill it fast. It’s a workout to say the least.

The game isn’t easy, maybe recruit is easy and vet since they’re pretty much the same thing. After that it gets a bit more interesting.

People talk about elf as being OP, elfs are junk. Even before the release in champ elfs were just healing supplies black holes. At least now we can kick them and let the bot just hang out with us.

I never said that the game was too easy. I said the game isn’t supposed to be easy. This post was made with the intention of the swarms of people who don’t get past Vet and complain on the forums while trying to be somewhat comedic and not pointing any fingers. Also I used Dark Souls as a reference point because it is a well known game FOR it’s difficulty so it would be something that could be relateable for a difficulty level not stating that the gameplay should be akin to Dark Souls

On Legend I had about 11 chaos knights in one area attacking us

Someone on the bug forums claimed that their heroic deed settings carried over into regular missions; maybe that was going on here

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I dream that that happens to me. 11 Chaos knights sounds like my kind of fight. :smiley:

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