Legend difficulty needs to be harder in areas, easier in others

Edit - This was originally written in a fit of frustration, and I exaggerated too much in order to get my feelings across, however I do believe that legend needs some fine tuning. Boss events need to be tuned down, special spawns needs to be lowered, and over-all hoard strength and mob difficulty needs to be increased.

VVV Frustrated, idiotic ramblings below VVV

Legend difficulty is a huge disappointment. Hoards are like tissue paper when every hero has 450+ power. VT1’s cataclysm was a little lack luster, but hoards had much more health then they did on nightmare. Crowd control, dps, and melee tanking all meant something because hoards took time to kill. Now, every character one shots anything below mid tier chaos infantry, turning what should be a good 40-60 second battle into 20 second nuke-fest.

As it stands now, the only real difference I see between legend and champion is increased special spawns, and tankier bosses. The specials are really just an annoyance, because hoards aren’t threatening enough to stop you from dealing with them. While bosses simply take longer to kill, as their speed and rate of attack is unchanged. Damage to players is somewhat higher, but still not as high as cataclysm’s was.

With the new abilities and talents, players are much more powerful then they were in VT1, and difficulties need to scale with them. I don’t want to play a mindless slaughter fest, I want vermintide to be the Dark Souls of hoard survival, at least at its highest difficulty.

if legend is to eay for you… how about you wait until you get some juicy Heroic Deeds (heck maybe even Deathwish mod mode again)

Since you seem to like throwing your ego around, im 108/108 of vt1 achives, done cata true soloes all that goofy stuff, and legend still seems harder with most set ups, the problem is, it is easier only if you use X classes, have a 4 man team, run x weapons with x traits ect ect, half the classes are basically useless and most of the talents are not impactful at all, there should be a certain level of min maxing to achieve victory but nothing that removes the viability of most of the playable options.

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this man is a god
thumbs up to you man that sh*t aint easy. Some of the most difficult achievements ive ever seen

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or… you know… with modding support… you can make your own MLG mode where everyone dies in one hit…

Jeese mate, i’m not up here wagging my d|ck around, trying to make everyone “jelly of my l33t skills git-gud-scrub”. I play games WAAAAAY more then is healthy, and logged around 600 hours in VT1. I just want a top difficulty that matches the top players skill level. I’d wager 70% of players are just here to have some quick fun with friends, you think they give a sh*t about how hard Legend is? The only people that are going to play it are people like you and I, so why not challenge ourselves.

I’m sorry if I sounded too arrogant in the first post, and of course i’m making grand generalizations, but that’s only because i’m honestly disappointed in how little challenge I feel the game has too offer. That’s not a boast, not a single person will ever care about how good I am at a video game, its feedback from someone who loves the brand and has way too much free time!

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take advantage of mod support. make your own unique challenge… just because the vanilla hardest isn’t your jam doesn’t mean you can’t craft something 100 times more insane.

What maps have you done on legend, have they had act bosses, have you done legend heroic deeds? I think these are important questions to ask before judging the difficulty level, some maps are easy to do on legend basically the whole farm scenario for Horn of Magnus, but some are absolutely punishing, example last night we made it to the last boss of Skittergate and had to fight the boss while dealing with 2 waves 5 assassins and other intermingled specials, not to mention each wave having about 5-10 storms, this isn’t fun what so ever and even when you try and position enemies so that the gunner helps clear waves for you the damage delt to friendly enemies is negligible, I thought i had a saving grace when I killed 1 assassin was reloadeding got jumped by another wounded one and the gunner killed it but nope, another assassin, meanwhile 3 more were just running around.

Champion feels easy at this point but its tuned to about v1 nightmare so thats fine, but half the maps on Legend feel overly punitive, sure I could farm the same few over and over get my reds and go look like a god in champion but where is the fun in that? I want a reasonable challenge across the board, subtle changes could fix the balance easily. Like you said waves are too easy, but certain things are also too difficulty, mostly the issue lies in the fast that the difficulty curve takes huge jumps map by map and stage by stage. Skittergate on legend ez pz, get to last boss, absolute impossible nightmare ect ect

Without a doubt boss maps are way too hard at the moment, I completely agree. My disappointment though is that the general gameplay loop of level-crawl, kill hoard, level-crawl, isn’t as intense as I felt it was in VT1.

But you are absolutely right that their are stupid difficulty spikes. Ideally i’d like those brought down, and the general hoard fighting brought up.


we can agree on that, hordes were the biggest issue in v1 now its just bosses while fighting 20+ specials, thats less hard than it is annoying, it seems harder maps are just a roll of the dice for good RNG and thats bad design.

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Forums suck balls for emotion, and I was being a tw*t. No hard feelings, sometimes its the only way to have dialogues online XD

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