Legend Enemies Need More Health

I’ve seen a lot of people say that increasing enemy health to increase difficulty is bad game design. This is true, but only after a point. Nightmare to Cataclysm was a major increase in difficulty in game 1, not only because enemies hit harder, but because they stuck around longer to deal damage. By increasing the health of slave rats just a little, so that most weapons took 2 hits to slay them, Cataclysm totally changed how you fought hoards. You had to combine killing power AND crowd control, or risk getting overwhelmed by the rats you thought you just killed.

VT2 took a step backwards here. By giving players so much damage, and slaves so little health, DPS is the only thing that matters for a successful Legend run. No need for a shield and careful pushes when every swing, from every player, kills 3+ mobs.

Vermintide has game mechanics that allow a skilled party to never take damage in melee, outside of specials. Increasing enemy damage only punishes you more for your mistakes, which is all well and good, but it doesn’t actually make you approach the game any differently.



Sure buff the rats.

But can we do something about 20 rats occupying a square foot?


the whole premise of the game is that the skaven had to ally with the chaos because of just this reason: they’re weak fodder. that’s why we have the tougher chaos faction, and armoured stormvermin around

i don’t think even the heaviest weapons can kill 3 rats in a slice (non-crit) btw, maybe 2 dead but the other chain hit rats being damaged. there’s a bit of exaggeration here.

… i don’t agree with this, the damage taken is massively different from champion and a large part of why people wipe so much in there. maybe you’re so used to playing legend that all the techniques for damage avoidance has become second nature to you, but for the other 95% players out there struggling on champion and below, pretty sure they’re not approaching the game as they would on legend.

well i do agree with you on how the difficulty is achieved would be better if things didnt die so fast, i more feel its a systemic change thats needed across the difficulties and i think there is already enough of a jump from champ to legend and we would be ebtter served by an extra difficulty being added past legend.

i think they should also nudge all the other power numbers down , some weapons could loose some cleave impact might need to be upped , shift it from damage to control maybe.

well if they upped the quality of the rats they could lower thier volume , so maybe. but i think at this point we need to accept this is a feature of the changes in the game from vermintide 1. and a change in our behaviour is required .

rats are not the problem they use slot system. chaos-fanatic are the one who are broken

play deeds?


Enemies in this game generally have no physical collision with one another regardless of the slot system. I think the main problem is that the enemies have the ability to ignore each other in combat and therefore stack multiple instances of attacks in one model.
P.S. And yeah, OP, just play deeds like Vision suggests.