Cataclysm enemy HP levels should be also used at legend and here's why

Edit: after a bit reconsiderstion - I don’t mean we should necessarily be boosting enemy HP on legend to cata levels. Cata can be more difficult even if stagger, cleave and HP stay the ssme - enemy quality may be the key to making it more difficult, without making legend -> cata transition require a lot of work from the player.

Ok, so, we have s new difficulty. We also have more difficult legend (and I’m in love with it). There’s just one problem - numbers. Yeah, Cata difficulty has enemy HP boosted once again. What works on legend suddenly fails on cata. But the worst part is… rerolling everything and changing builds between legend and cata to get the breakpoints.
Ok, I’ll be honest, I hate the whole breakpoints thing, while it makes the game less random (player has all the control when it comes to damage excluding crits)it forces players into certain choices to be the most effective and requires an awful ton of number crunching.
While previously you had 1 difficulty where it mattered, now we have 2. So double the builds, double the numbers, double the time wasted.
I’d prefer legend to have less enemies than cata, but at the same HP level (excluding bosses). So I can make 1 build that is universally effective. And not have to rewire my brain each time I change difficulty. This would also make the switch from legend to cata a bit less painful.
What do you think,?

Yeah screw that, keep your boring Cata away from my enjoyment.

I’m just saying that the more endgame HP levels thr kore annoyance. So why not make just 1 max HP level and adjust difficulty by enemy aggression (how often they attack), numbers and horde/idle enemy composition?
It doesn’ necessarily mean HP on legend would be boosted by a big factor. Just that it’s not fun having to switch whole build with breakpoints in mind just to change difficulty.

You switched builds when you played Champion dropping from Legend? I know I haven’t bothered to.

And no, considering even current HP changes are

I don’t have any interest in letting the go to

Don’t you think champ and legend and legend and cata aren’t really comparable transfers? People playing cata often switch back to legend (for quick play, deeds and general fun). People playing champion, once they transfer to legend have 0 incentive to go back and their equipment and power levels usually transfer to champ so well they demolish everything.

I know for sure, I won’t bother with cata, because I hate calculating breakpoints and preparing builds. I have a few, they work, I know damn well, they won’t work any more with higher enemy HP and my builds vs higher HP won’t be as fun as my standard builds (which have more fun and style in mind, hence as WHC I’m always using rapier).
Anyway, I’m a huge enemy of boosting HP to insane values. But if we have 2 proper endgame difficulties (we used to have 1), then it just would be nice if going from 1 to another was as easy, as possible.

Nah what I meant, I didn’t bother to switch my builds whenever I dropped to do Champion for one reason or another from Legend.

Why? Cata may as well not exist because there are no rewards for it. You would think fatshark would have learned by now:

Fatshark: We created the modded realm!

Players: There is no loot so it may as well not exist.

Repeating the same mistakes again and again.

But drop from cata to legend is not the same as from legend to champ. Why? Because going from legend to champion pretty much makes 0 sense, while legend grants you all kinds of endgame rewards and unlike cata, it’s sensibly populated.
Right now it’s necessary to switch from fun legend builds to “performance” cata builds. If legend and cata had same enemy HP, fun legend builds would translate well into cata. Right now if I want to go up, I have to discard everything. And I have 0 incentive to do so. Playing legend with randoms is often difficult enough lately (feels like true duo sometimes, since nowadays average legend player delivers only 40-60% damage good legend player does, and in a pinch it gets even worse, so 2 good players are worth as much as 4-6 average ones - the gap used to be smaller).

It is the main issue with any difficulties

Rules should be the same!
Same HP , same stagger, same cleave.

But on higher diff. there should be more mobs, more elites, nore specials and they hit harder.


Yup, maybe with exception of veteran and recruit, where people usually don’t even have 300 power equipment so rats don’t feel like damage sponges. But champ, legend and cata should share these 3 parameters. The less numbers, the better.
Just give those cata people more berserkers and elites and make hordes more versatile (put a few maulers for a good measure in chaos horde) etc. Etc.

Making even a slave rat one-shot you isn’t really a good option to raise difficulty…

By your suggestion there wouldn’t be “fun” legend builds, only performance builds.

Well, we don’t have to keep current cata HP levels. I just want same enemy HP, same cleave, same stagger on these 2 difficulties. This topic made me reconsider a bit.
Difficulty cam be also improved via tougher enemy spam. We can also add some standard infantry between marauder and mauler hp, strength, attack power, maybe grant him some armor and make him very popular on cata.

That could have been achieved if FS just took ONS and build it into Cata.
ONS required a much better team play than what the stagger meta is trying to enforce. The terror events could have been toned down a bit, but overall it was much better than what Cata now is trying to do.

What does ONS staynd for?


Isn’t “true endgame” for some DWONS?

@Krator if you reduce Cata hp, people will complain about that too.

Well, at the moment cata is a playground for literally a few dozen people. Making it accesible to good legend players is the only reasonable thing to do. Right now cata discourages people from even trying. I feel discouraged since I play for fun and number crunching is something I truely hate and here I’m required to reconsider eveything and re-,learn what kills the enemy and what doesn’t - right now I can quite accurately tell which hit will down a Chaos Warrior and it’s really useful when you know you don’t have to block that overhead cause the guy is going down before it lands.
On cata? No way. And same goes for literally every type of enemy.

There’s actually a calculator for breakpoints already out.

But I have to challenge your other point, Cata is only available for people who bought the dlc first. That’s first hurdle players need to pass.

Yes, but it also requires skill level that id very uncommon. I can clearly see modt “,legend players” can’t even complete legend games nowadays.
I see no point in boosting HP, when we can reach the same difficulty just by enemy composition and numbers.

Breakpoints calculators still require you to analyse multiple builds, choose the right breakpoints tor each class and weapon and adjust equipment properties accordingly. That’s extremely annoying.