Reconsider Stagger-Resistance Reduction

Today’s patch, August 9th, reduced the stagger resistance of enemies on legend from 2.75 to 1.7. Step backwards in my mind. Bestigors have lost all their teeth, easily getting stun-locked by even a single hero. Skaven/Chaos hoards feel largely like they did pre-beta, like paper mache. You took a bold step here that vastly improved the quality of the games combat, don’t throw that progress away now. Players will learn and improve, and in the long run enjoy the game more. But if you aren’t willing to take risks, the game stagnates.

Now to be fair, I know you didn’t make any changes to Cataclysm, and I thank you for that. But its currently pretty difficult to get full matches on Cata. You’ve got 5 difficulties, no reason to water down Legend. Without challenge, there is no satisfaction.


Yep. The way Legend is now makes people not play the game you need them to play on Cata. Most people that struggled alot on Legend the last couple of days did so because they didnt max out their Hero Power yet, making their weapons hit like wet noodles when they face stacked hoardes.

I get that FS is scarred of the massive outrage that goes on right now, but a simple week of double xp should do the trick quite well. No need to nerf Legend to the point where stagger is just something you will never need, or learn how to do until you reach Cata.

We are back to left click spam to win.


It needs to be the same on all difficulties, otherwise it just teaches people bad habits.


Or, just give us the damn levels. I’m 230+ Keri, 144+ Kruber, 60+ Bardin, 33+ Salty, and 30+ Sienna. Absolutely no reason I should have to level my base characters again let alone their Weave variants.


Consistency is such an important part of this game. One of my most hated things about this update was the in-consisstency of dodge and now stagger across difficulty.

I play this with a lot of different skill groups and crossing difficulty barriers will ruin my gameplay.

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