Stop Nerfing Cataclysm

Dear Fatshark,

Please do not turn Cataclysm into Legend. You should not be able to just QP in and Bully this difficulty. Like 15 iterations of the Beta where the content is at least mildly engaging then as soon as you “release” the Patch, you nerf Cata into the ground. Stop pandering. Also, please fix the deed system and release Cata deeds. I don’t want to have to wait for mods. Thank you in advance.


Haven’t played it yet but it buffs elites, specials, etc. So it may compensate? However, If it is an overall nerf to cata I agree with you. It shouldn’t be tuned in line with the other difficulties.

They buffed both Elites and Specials. Nothing about anything aside from Horde enemy changes was altered.

Highly, highly doubt that it is “too easy” now.

This crap happens every time they make balance changes. Just stop.


Hello mate,

I agree, it’s maybe early to fully judge, but I feel fighting hordes (I mean low-tier units) really easier. As such as you can almost spam clic them like in the previous version :frowning: It’s closer now to previous legend for low-tier units. It was more interesting and more skill demanding.

Making it less fun, and less skill. Less need to care about push follow-up attack and so on, I very liked how it was before. More instense ! Cata deserved the previous state !

So you think that mandatory push spam because of spongy meatwall trash enemies is more fun? Lol.

Literally everyone has been decrying the changes to the combat, most notably the hordes.


Maybe on the forums. because the discontent complain more. Surveys were much more balanced, though. And for those of us that want a challenge (which is what Cata should be), running through defenseless mobs just isn’t very fulfilling. With Cataclysm we were promised a difficulty that couldn’t normally be beaten in QP. That is no longer the case. Just spawn in and run through the level like old legend. It’s silly.

Low-tier units are altered, they are easier to handle in any case with all this staggering resistance lowered, it’s more like it was in previous legend. Like just basic light attacks spaming now works very well without caring to be interrupted and damaged while statistically.

Second this… The core design of this game is around teamplay and coordination to achieve success. That hasn’t been a thing since the first month or two of release on Legend before it got nerfed, and now Cataclysm is going the same way. The whole point of cataclysm not having unique rewards from Legend should be that Cataclysm is not a quick play mode that you do for easy loot, but rather a mode specifically for challenging yourself and the people you play with.


Hordes have always been the most dangerous part of Vermintide 2. Especially when combined with bosses. Elites and specials in Cata weren’t difficult before this patch, and certainly wont be substantially more difficult after it. Nerfing hordes and ambients back to pre-WoM legend values takes a massive amount of risk out of Cata for no reason, other than people refused to learn how to control hordes and just want to left click macro their way through every difficulty in this game.

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Hordes have never been the threat in this game. Literally never. If you think that chaff enemies should be threatening then I don’t even know what to say. That’s just too damn funny.

Also: nothing about the terror events changed with regards to specials or elites. They’re still plenty hard.

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As someone who doesn’t care about Cataclysm nor approve of it’s status I still agree, make Cataclysm as hard as impossible.


The threat of this game is also hordes, it is everything. Again it’s more a matter of tweaking, everything can be a threat regarding how you ajust them.

Devs did not add so many hordes and low-tier ennemies to just make it beautiful, it has a purpose. And if this purpose is not to give some intense moments by forcing the player to manage them with skill as it was (at least till yesterday), let’s consider it as a fail, for it’s like wasted time you see.

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Cata was never meant to be the top-tier challenge, just a higher-tier challenge. Modded realm is for the most elite difficulties. We can debate how good an idea this is forever, but that was literally stated by Fatshark themselves.


You clearly havent played this game long enough or at high enough difficulties if you have this opinion, so that’s fine. Most of the terror events are still a joke, even on cata. Old legend onslaught had harder and more dangerous events. Hordes have been the number one cause of wipes since this game released, especially for pugs, and especially when combined with mini boss spawns. Fatshark even released statistics backing it up last year.

@Fatshark_Hedge Hate to ping you, buddy. Just wanted to make sure you saw this thread. We weren’t loud enough about it before, so that’s on us. We did love the challenge of Cataclysm and people were quickly making proper adjustments.

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Just because a game is tagged with coop and team based doesn’t mean every type of enemies in that game has to be dealt with the effort of an entire team. Just take a look at KF2 and L4D2, where even on the highest difficulty, the trash mobs/hordes can easily be dispatched by individual players without the need to rely on teammates. The inherent danger about trash mobs or hordes shouldn’t come from their sponginess, that is what elites are for, but rather from their overwhelming numbers which lead to players getting surrounded. I suspect that those who want spongey enemies even for the trash/hordes are players who seem to be unable or unwilling to use dodge and movement and high dps weapons effectively and that they are jealous of those who do and are getting green circles at the end of a match.

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Haha, Fatshark says everything and its opposite then? Some few days ago, I was watching their live and they said they wanted to keep cataclysm as the challenging difficulty, and legend/below as the loot purpose. (From their CEO himself).

To give it more trusting, just look at the rewarding, cataclysm does loot more (not even a new chest for).

Who says true :slight_smile:

Besides, this is not a sufficient reason, to not share our feeling cordially with devs :slight_smile:

I don’t think those statements are incompatible; they do want Cata to be challenging, they just don’t want it to be the most challenging possible, and leave that up to the modded realm.


The best way is to let an option in the menu below cata difficulty, “beta cata tweak” for crazy people like us, and the new cata tweak for each others :slight_smile:

Well, hopefully soon Deathwish and Onslaught mods will be back working (if they aren’t right now; I just assume they aren’t) for the folks who want a god-tier challenge.