STOP the nerfs

Could you please for the love of god stop listening to the loud whinny minority and for ONCE stand behind your changes. The game finally felt hard and enjoyable and then you nerf enemies again? Now its the same snoozefest as it used to be. You should finally decide for what audience which difficulty will be.


Don’t know. I don’t think either of sides either pro or against the changes is a minority.


You’re delusional if you think the “whining” is a minority of people.

Feedback surrounding the changes has been overwhelmingly negative since we were introduced to it back in June.


Overwhelming minority :smiley: Yeah no there was way more ppl liking it than raging about it


I never said they were “raging about it” as you put it, the drastic change were ill received, most wanting tweaks to it - and taking that logic into account - then yes, the idea was taken well into consideration.

Legend feels about like it did prior to 2.0 - pretty easy to breeze through. Cata didn’t get changed, though, afaik.

I can get why they tuned it down a bit on Legend, but putting it to the same level as Champ? :thinking: I would have expected something like a 2.25 modifier, so it’s . . . you know, a middle-ground?


The jump between legend and cata is going to be even more severe, now, which is a little troubling. As with the betas in general, I think they should have taken a little more time to think this over, because it seems just a little too reactionary? Should probably stop messing with stagger so people can get used to it and change other things to compensate for now. Like fixing the audio and beastmen, or reducing the enemy faction’s numbers as another means of avoiding overwhelming people.

I suspect they aren’t done tampering, though.


I love Winds of Magic how it is.
Pls dont nerf it.
Stay true to yourself, you are the developers.
Really good job ! :slight_smile:

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well legend balance is actually ok as it is…in the closed beta it was ABYSMAL…as it felt like cata …you couldn’t even oneshot clanrats ffs…

one thing they should NOT do is reduce the number of gors…beastmen hordes are just like that …full of midrange enemies while the lowly slave like enemies are low in number cause they are like UNTERMENSCHEN for their own race…(the name “UN”-gor sais it all.

stagger mechanic is just dumb so far so they definetly need to adjust a lot of things about it because now it is counterintuitive …I like hard games but things should be kept intuitive

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PUSH. Stop nerf.

The mental gymnastics of the people defending this trainwreck truly is astounding.


I love hard and challanging content.
To beat Cataclysm one really need, dedication skill and luck, and good internet.

So let me express my concerns about Catacysm, its good in most parts and I love it, however, I feel its designed around 1 shoot policy, 1 hit and you are baisicly done for, but sadly that hit can offten be lag hit or something out of your control. So I personaly think that Fatshark can balance catacylsm around something else besides 1 shoot policy, because lag hits happen now and there. I know only 1x guy who completed all mission on catacysm by now, and that guy got optic proxy internet.

and some kids dont have access to good swimming pools but lets send them to the olympics on the swim team too because of … hrdee dur … reasons?

that someone has a crap internet connection isnt my fault or my problem and is their concern. everyone else can go on playing just fine without the game deciding to favor the internet challenged souls. whats next? extra big figures for those of poor eyesight? come on…

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Wait, you’re mad because cleave resistance on legend got nerfed?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: play Cata?

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