45% positive reviews

My post was arbitrarily censored so here is it again.

There are only 45% positive reviews for the DLC now since the game play was ruined in the update.

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It wasn’t. Legend is waaay more fun, new talents are mostly v. cool, new weapons have their own movesets and feel. People are butthurt, because change = bad, and also the more stupid part of playerbase is getting mercilessly clobbered when playing legend (damn you idiots racing forward on final event of Gardens of Morr - yes, you can run past enemies after climbing the ladder, but your teammates often can’t, so GJ, enjoy getting killed, and since there’s always some genius heading the other way (to destroy as many chains as fast as possible to spawn as many elites and berserkes as possible and wipe the team I guess) it ends with 2 guys vs horde and if they aren’t v. high level - blammo, wipe.


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