Dark Omens Praise

After several months of absence, I was finally able to spend some time on the new expansion last night and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of fun I had on Dark Omens.

After a couple of quickplay games in champion, I felt I could maybe give Legend a go and managed to get plopped into a group trying to get through Dark Omens and I was pleasantly surprised with the difficulty spike.

Ignoring the crashes people are experiencing, the dislike of some of the design decisions regarding combat and the arguably OP nature of beastmen, I found it incredibly fun. Barely any health, no ammo (particularly punishing for shotty IB now that I can no longer punch for ammo) and almost a constant stream of specials.

On multiple occasions, we were down to 2 party members sprinting around like headless chickens trying to find the damn banner or getting batted across the map by a charging mass of armoured testosterone. It was hectic and it was fun.

Managed to complete it in the end thanks to a tree hugging elf killing banners from the shadow realm during final fight, while I was getting my beard kicked in by a giant angry cow man.

Didn’t take any screenshots so I cannot name (and shame) the group but I was the 2h hammer, shotty IB constantly claiming that I could only do one more attempt. Reminded me why I keep coming back to this game.


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