Dark Omen Feels Incomplete

Managed to try this map out and two things stuck out to me quite a bit in the playthrough:

1: Antagonist from the Trailer isn’t in the map at all. Why give this little blurb of a story showing the rise of some Beastman Warlord when you don’t actually fight him? Very anticlimactic like the Shadows over Burgertown DLC which also had zero bosses.

2: Ending is abrupt. After completing the objective a portal just conveniently pops out to beam your heroes back to the keep. Every other map has the heroes having to maneuver to a nearby portal which is an actual physical thing.


Did you play this on recruit/veteran (or on champion today)? Bc you fight a minotaur boss at the end every time on champ-cata

I played it on Champion. Guess I just expected an actual leader to fight as opposed to just a monster.

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This does seem like a let down. I had grown attached to the idea of squaring off with the Beastlord/Wargor in the trailer.

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