Dark Omen feedback

I absolutely loved the map, the soundtrack and visuals are superb, lots of secrets, better yet how the characters start by treating it as a standard field investigation and by the end they accept certain death for the sake of a greater good, to make it worse the music does make it sound all so final.
bloody 10/10


I am with you. What I could remark on is that it felt a bit short, and naturally that the Beastlord/Wargor that was in the into wasn’t present felt like a bit of a letdown.

But in all a good and fun map. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I really like the map too, has some backstory, some new dioalogue, wilderness,

Beastmen need tuned down though. This map emphasizes their problem.

I dont own the expansion, but a friend does and we played the map

Only maybe 2 times

Love the beastmen sneakin a peek at the beginning lol

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