2.0.8 first matches noticable bugs/glitches

Just played two cata dark omens matches with pubs. One guy on high ping, other same region.

*First two pubs to join as clients were spawned in with wrong characters.

  • Throwing an incindiary bomb triggered Sienna’s overcharge as pyromancer<This was insane, the horde was closing toward the cave in dark omens and just as the bomb exploded, Sienna’s overcharge shot up and over the brim and blew her up almost instantly… as pyro not unchained. She was 2 stacks away from top overcharge before throwing the bomb. Armed with bolt staff and crowbill.
    *Beastmen and specials (mostly stormies) appearing and disappearing around the map.
    *Beastmen horde clipping through eachother and triggering animations.
    *Bestigor charge knocked two enemies back, but then clipped through three and into one of the players so he couldn’t see it and headshotting it was headshotting Salty whilst it overheaded him from within as a half invisible spooky ghost.
    *Multiple Bestigors taking same slot spot and overheading in a kind of fan formation from the same point- looked like a mechanical baphomet beast lol.
    *Player stuck in tree at drop after ambush in Dark Omens
    *Spearmen triggering animations and clipping through large trees in Dark Omens
    *Phantom hits occured 3 times in a completely desolate, no archers about either, area. once to Sienna, twice to Bardin.

And that’s 'em all from the first couple games. Hope it helps, guys.

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Can agree with the Beastmen horde being stuffed inside eachother; like not matter what they love to Hyper density

Dark omens ending didn’t trigger properly. Killed the boss and then the banner men that came out. No explosion just endless waves of beastmen. Had to kill ourselves.

Further issues:
Bots are NOT fixed. Just had Bardin bot randomly decide to take the right path when the rest of the team took the left on dark omens just after the ambush drop… he bimbled about, stood still and died all the way over there… so the bots with me kindly disappeared… from the entrance to the cave… and went all the way back to the drop to help the dead dwarf leaving me to get bestigor overheads from all sides. On another try, the whole team of bots simply stood in front of a gunner until dead making zero range attempts at it or anything… I was staggered in it’s sight so it was invincible no matter how many head shots I got the crit sound for. They stood as audience lol. In another try, the bots saw a gas rat… and decided to run at it and stand there whilst it gassed them to death. In another, two team mates pinned by buggy “spawn on your head instead of somwhere in the map” assassins and the two bots simply stood next to them until they were dead and the assassins teleport jumped them for the instakill.

Enemies glicthing in and out of existence still… right in front of you- not miles away and loading in… just appearing attacking then vanishing as if by magic sometimes. Could explain phantom hits- enemies spawning in, inside the player, stabbing them and then disappearing? Possible.

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