Dark Omens End Event Loop

I was playing Dark Omens recently and I’ve experienced a wierd bug during the last event. We’ve destroyed all the banners, but still had a quest to destroy banners. And interesting thing here - last wave of 3 banners had only 2. One guy came out without a banner and was just standing idle with empty hands. I did not pay attention on it and just killed him. But afterwards, bestman was just endlessly spawning and we could not finish the map.

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Not sure about the details, but I remember having the same issue just last month: beastmen spawning endlessly and we weren’t able to finish the level. Something can definitely bug out on Dark Omens, can confirm.

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Did you or someone else kill a banner bro too fast?It used to be an issue that was (supposedly) patched out.

I believe it was, the banners should be invulnerable until they place the flag.

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