Dark Omens ending event glitched

During last part of Dark Omens map somehow I think I managed to kill one of Wargors before he raised his banner. It happened somewhere after Minataur death (near 18:32:22.247)
Seems like killing the Wargor doesn’t count as -1 banner, so the game gliched in a way that we need to destroy all banners to trigger the ending, but they no longer spawn.
After killing all remaining Wargors we stuck in endless beastmen hordes and after 10 minutes we decided to quit.

This issue breaks Dark Omens and makes ending event unplayable in certain situations. Is it possible to start spawning additional Wargors during endless horde after some timeout (like 2-5 minutes) after players killed Minotaur, just in case?..

console-2020-03-09-14.49.01-dde8c71f-057d-4f15-9f3d-0e924a2c3674.log (4.6 MB)

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