Dark Omens End Event too short

This occurred 2 days ago.

My friend and I got Dark Omens in our legend QP and when we dropped down to start the event, a minotaur spawned immediately and cornered us in the ravine part.

After killing the minotaur and the beastman horde, all of the banners were already up all over the area.

When knocking down the last banner, the event was over and all surviving enemies were killed.

Idk if this event got nerfed or if it just bugged out but it’s way shorter than it used to be and definitely way shorter than the seemingly new Convocation of Decay event.

I’m all for balancing end events but it was over within a few short minutes and it felt way too easy.


Seems like a spawn issue?

I have ran it a handful of times and it hasn’t had that problem; always the wave of banners; then the boss; then the last wave of banners

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Probably. I was honestly surprised on how fast it was and it was over in 2 minutes.

My friend and I was like really confused.

Don’t know if this relates or not but it definitely can be pretty short even on cata(no differences between legend sadly) since you don’t even need to kill the mino, just need to destroy the banners(you probably already know that though)

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Yes, I already know that but we had to kill the mino because he spawned so early that he trapped us in the pit. We couldn’t get out.

We killed him in a little less than a minute because our bots died and I was handling the horde. The thing that kills me is that all of the banners were already down when we got to the main area.

It’s usually 1 at a time until the minotaur shows up then you get 4-6 banners but the mino isn’t supposed to show up until around the 3rd single banner that gets planted.

I’ve timed that event before on Legend and it normally takes 4-5 minutes waiting for the last of the banners to show up. It was over within 2 minutes though. My friend and I was just completely stunned at how fast it was.

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