Dark Omens end event can cause crash

Just one example, with client-side logs (not host).

If I had to guess, it happened because of that banner getting destroyed and maybe the minotaur.

console-2021-01-25-20.33.27-0079e4ac-da35-48f9-9123-08ebe852fd8b.log (3.2 MB)

Video took place as the last game of the console log.


Did someone stagger Mino on a ledge?

I get Dark Omens every day at least once during QP and it has only crashed once.

Because I stagger him on a ledge at the end…

I’ve played this level SOLO 4 times for the runes and have crashed EVERY boss fight as of recent. No idea why, the ledge thing idk, that MAY be happening but it’s been 4 straight games.

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