Minotaur Crash

Minotaur Crash with video+console log and crash dump
console-2021-03-01-20.45.06-661ab7c5-c009-4a01-8a26-31f7b6411c15.log (2.3 MB)
crash_dump-2021-03-01-20.45.06-661ab7c5-c009-4a01-8a26-31f7b6411c15.dmp (684.7 KB)



I’m pretty sure there’s something about Minotaur + Twitch. Minotaur crashes for everyone I know randomly, but only in Twitch Mode.

in this case the Mino was from the finale in Dark Omens rather than twitch though so unless twitch is doing something weird with just any given Mino spawn then idk.

I’m convinced it’s got something to do with aggro

Even naturally spawned Mino’s crashed game while playing with Twitch on my experience. Though it’s pretty random.

I’ve had it happen in modded without twitch but idk if that’s related or not

Its not a twitch only problem. It happens with “normal” spawn too. Its not 100% guaranteed to happen.

Twitch just bloats the chance for it to happen since you will hardly ever get a Mino spawned in normal games, while in twitch you will get one regularly. No boon, and a medium-long duration between events, e.g. 60 seconds, has a pretty decent chance to ruin your run with a Mino crash.


This probably makes sense, though it never crashed for me without twitch even on modded with bizarre spawns or in weaves.

Did those Mino crashes on modded also happen with beastmenloader on?

Since Ice made the mod for onslaught plus to fix Mino crashes among other stuff, the same thing he did might also be a solution for the twitch crashes.

Because as far as I know the ons plus crashes happen because the beasty boys aren’t supposed to spawn in that map/area/event. Random twitch spawns might have the same problem. I have no clue about VT modding though. So maybe I am totally wrong here.

Yeah but idk if Ice has fixed the mod since then

the mino in the clip I linked isn’t random though, it’s from the Dark Omens finale and it’s on official realm so…yeah idk

Possibly related but i yesterday i had a spawn permanently kill a zealot in official too.

Was just a normal cata QP but the poor guy just could not respawn after the spawn hammered him. It was the halescourge map and he died by the first gate/boss trigger.

Team progressed all the way over to first grim and he still did not come back at which point we all just hopped of a ledge.

was someone joining (or leaving) the game when that happened?

To be honest that might be possible, but i would not know for certain since there is presently a bug where only the host can see people messages about people joining or leaving a game. The rest will only know if the person writes or when they fully join.

This bug does not always occur but it happens notably often.

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