Weaves 100+ crashes happen quite frequently (16 crashes Today alone)

We had today a total number of 16 crashes.

Mino spawns seem to be a common issue, it’s like a random chance for a crash.

Tried to use different hosts, restarts and verifying game files.

Nothing seems to help, can we get a dev response please?

This isn’t normal and realy annoying, esp. when it happens during a finale.

Here are some logs

console-2020-12-21-19.42.06-c8558788-11c2-4dab-9ec2-d863c9986dca.log (1.5 MB) console-2020-12-22-16.39.23-52bf334f-1915-4e5e-8368-dce959120b7c.log (378.1 KB) console-2020-12-22-16.40.54-ce1f460d-a7cc-42c3-9d5e-155c3c5cacad.log (1.8 MB) console-2020-12-22-20.25.32-d218ba00-bd97-4e71-abd4-67991b8937a1.log (441.9 KB) console-2020-12-22-20.33.34-26e32338-0d5a-46a4-b0a4-e76b0851a084.log (2.7 MB) console-2020-12-22-21.48.30-159c7a3c-57c2-43fc-81fc-d5d76b720110.log (584.9 KB) console-2020-12-22-21.57.58-d4f51dc8-3437-4522-ba34-e4bcc27be824.log (930.9 KB)

Apart from Steam network issues, all of my group’s crashes were related to minotaurs.

I recommend to not use any kind of cheese around minos that affects their pathing to players. Don’t be invisible, out of bounds or in a safe spot when triggering mino spawns. Also, as a group, don’t be too far away from the location where a mino spawns. Don’t go invisible or hop into a safe spot when you have the aggro of a mino. Ideally, don’t have more than one mino alive (for a longer time) to minimize weird situations with all of them. Just play it regularly around them.

I can only see a couple of crashes in the logs provided, but both are on development’s radar. Apologies I can’t be of more help.

No worries, thank you for the reply.

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