Crash at weave 134

Hi Devs,
Me and my team have encountered one consistent crash that prevnt us from progressing further into the weaves, at the begginig of weave 134. As soon as you advance a little (still in the first area/room where you spawn) there is a spawn of 2 assasins, and a bit later a ratling gunner and 3 packmasters. The crash appers to happen as soon as the packmasters spawn. It only crashes for the host, leaving no crash report or anything, the game just closes. We have tried with different players being the host and with no mods at all so thats not the issue. I link here the crash dump. Hope you can help and fix it soon.

Thanks in advance.
crash_dump-2021-01-12-21.31.04-c0613389-b9dd-4e1b-b9fc-6942d7f917db.dmp (619.9 KB)

It maybe helps to clear out most of the stuff you see from the start before rushing the saf… further progressing. But that does’nt prevent crashing completly. May switch host when it happens again.

Sorry to hear this. Could you also provide the corresponding console log, please?

Yep we always clear stuff before going forward and triggering the specials. And as i said, we switch hosts and the crash still occurs at the same point to the player that is hosting the game. Thanks anyways!

Of course! Here is the console log. Thanks! console-2021-01-12-21.31.04-c0613389-b9dd-4e1b-b9fc-6942d7f917db.log (615.0 KB)

I can see it’s one of our notorious ‘Deadlock’ crashes. We’re looking in to it - apologies for the inconvenience.


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