Weaves 116, 118 to 120 crashing for host

Just in case that the comments people had made here about this have not been recognized.

My group had no crashes for 117, tho. For the rest of those Gold Weaves, we had to do them twice with a different host as hosts didn’t get the completion.

Looks like a similar issue as with the crashes of 101-105.

We thought that maybe having the armor buff active on the host made his game crash. But this turned out not to cause the crashes.

That’s my most recent crash dump: crash_dump-2020-02-08-03.50.51-b843a7cc-ef03-483a-84c2-07ec4a7a3134.dmp (643.2 KB)

And my most recent console log: console-2020-02-08-04.39.00-97feb226-e7d1-400b-9528-0d422dc22285.log (1.3 MB)

Because of the host crashing and despite completing the weave, the completion is not always shown in the leaderboard.

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Can confirm it also bug in QP Gold Weaves =p

Ye we got the crash on 116 and 118 too, 117 and 119 worked fine. Gearing up for 120 now, it’s bit anti-climactic knowing you have to do 120 twice.

Edit: It seems like 120 worked for other people without host crash since it shows up in the leaderboards?

I suspect these are already known issues but if possible, we really need to see the crash report produced immediately after the crash, containing a long ‘GUID’ string. Unfortunately the console log contains no crash data, and the crash dump isn’t appropriate in this case. :frowning:


Weave 118 crash log ^^

116 - Host crash - both times (1st time and re-do)
117 - No crash
118 - Host crash - both times ^^
119 - No crash
120 - Host crash - (different host + he had all mods disabled while hosting), I crashed as well on re-do

Got the same crashes as you guys on 116 and 118. I think 117 and 119 will work fine but then 120 will have the same crash. I am starting to suspect that it is related to a mod, perhaps playerlist +. Watching the leaderboards I can see that some people finished 120 without any crash, could be because the host did not have any mods installed.

Thank you. This is indeed a known crash - we’re working on it!

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