Gold Weave 116 Crash steals my hard earned victory every time

This took place right at the end of Gold Weave 116. Right after killing the last enemy of the weave, as I’m about to get victory screen, I get a crash instead. It happened 3 times in a row every time we won. I was the person hosting the game. At the time of this recording it was already the 3rd time it happened. I was not hanging from a ledge on the first 2 wins, I just wanted to see if it would make a difference. Each time I was the one to land the killing blow on the Stormfiend. I have a hypothesis as to what might be causing it: The storm blade buff at the end causes the person who has it to crash, but I haven’t tested that yet to see if it’s correct or not. Your development team might have better methods of testing this. It’s one of the most annoying crashes I’ve ever had to deal with since it literally steals your victory away.


Crash report below:
GUID: c974d7ce-35f6-4656-9468-228ad0a56651
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: foundation/scripts/util/math.lua:20: attempt to compare number with nil

This might be mod-related, could you see if the issue persists without mods?

(I’ve raised it with development anyhow, in case it’s not)

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Someone else tested it, and i think the storm blade buff didnt have anything to do with it. It might be mod related like julia said, but it’s still unsure which mod and someone else also made a commend where he said he didnt have any mods and it still crashed.

You’re in for a treat beacause weaves 118 and 120 will most likely crash for you as host, too!

Current workaround is: Have someone else host the game and do crashing weaves twice in order to get the completion for everyone in the party. But keep in mind that leaderboard placements will not show for weaves in which the host crashed.

Tested without mods and it still crashed. Furthermore, we had somebody else host the game, got to the end, and this time they crashed instead. So it seems only the host crashes. That means that currently the only way to make progress from 116 towars 117 is to not be the host, and to have somebody who progressed already host instead a second time so the previous host can progress as well.

Thank you for the information.

The exact same thing happens in weave 120, despite there not being any boss in that finale. Exact same crash report too.

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