Weave 36 Crash on Finale Victory

After stormfiend/final wave of weave 36 finale is cleared, I (host) crashed to desktop.

Leapt as slayer during Victory and game crashed, might have been related.

Happened twice in a row.

console-2020-02-08-00.22.30-33e9f92f-195a-4e02-ba96-a364f1d2baff.log (510.8 KB)

This appears to be a mod-related crash.

Edit: I was wrong.

Any indication of which mod? Or is that not clear yet?

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This is not mod related crash at all. My whole party did this without any mod but got crash on 116.


Can confirm it’s also happening on Weave 38. Same finale, same arena, same stormfiend. Host crashes on victory, other 3 get the completion.

Edit: and weave 39. Also happened on Weave 40, no stormfiend; minotaur…

Weave 116, 118, 119, 120 are crashed even after 50mb patch. There was no fix. It is definitely that Storm Fiend is problem.

agree,something wrong with weave Stormfiend.

Could somebody please provide me with a GUID?

Is there any way to get one after the fact? Or are GUIDs only presented in the message box on crashing?

This crash gives us no GUID at all. Host crashes and nothing happened

One of two is problem

  1. If one of party has metal buff, it crashs host

  2. Finale stormfiend is problem

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Can confirm I am also getting this crash while I host in weave 116 right after killing the stormfiend and before getting the victory.

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The problem occurs on weaves 36 and 38.
Same finale with metal buff.

We tried this with 3 different hosts.

  • the host always crash before validating the weave
  • we tried killing the host before killing the stormfiend : no success

Can confirm, this crash still exists nearly two weeks after first reported:

GUID: 98717e2f-9078-4156-8f42-1414fd9081d6
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: foundation/scripts/util/math.lua:20: attempt to compare number with nil

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