Weave 95 crashes in finale

Weave 95 crashes after the third minotaur spawns, probably because it can’t spawn trash enemies.

GUID: 58b2cd39-d6a1-49e2-9576-c2a2cc622b6b
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/game_state/components/enemy_package_loader.lua:167: attempt to index local ‘breed_category_data’ (a nil value)


Changing host did not fix it.

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Well that kinda sucks :rofl:

Playtested btw

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We got the same thing, not much to do about this error. They have to fix it with patch.

No, what i mean with ‘playtested btw’ is that fatshark says they play tested every weave, seems like they missed one.

Ah I see, btw there is also steam “Mr Hawk” is playing whatever on that W95 loading screen, that’s also kinda hilarious :shark: :joy:


Oh look, the devs ignoring a real game breaking issue where you cant even progress. I feel sorry for anyone who is at or close to weave 95.

They should finally get a group of testers who test this stuff. It’s embarrassing that nobody actually tested the weave once.

They could easily get a group of ppl who would test the stuff for free.

Maybe it was in the beta already, but i didnt really wanted to play them twice.

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Any word from fatshark about this? Can we expect a hotfix?

Yes just got to this weave yesterday on Xbox, crashes every time within seconds of spawning into the arena Temple

We’re working on this - apologies for the inconvenience.


I play on Xbox and the patch on 1/27 has fixed this issue, thanks!!

Still no fix? wth…

What did you expect, like hot-fix on Monday ?

I expect them not to be incompetent but it seems thats asking too much.

It’s W94 Wars Season now :rofl: Still waiting for someone to beat us !

It would of kinda been cool to be fixed in weekends so everyone can play again, but ofcourse the sooner the better.

You mean playing the same Weave twice? :thinking: