Weave 94 crashes

Crashes in relation to sound issues have been reported in this very forum since the end of August. Fix it already.

Been trying this weave with a LOT of shenanigans for five days now. Crashed every time.

Enjoy my latest crash dumps.

crash_dump-2019-10-10-20.58.34-2019d34f-8f74-43e6-98e0-c79964ad546a.dmp (532.7 KB)
crash_dump-2019-10-10-21.16.16-2ecdf69e-30f1-4cdf-a605-eb804773c27a.dmp (563.5 KB)
crash_dump-2019-10-10-21.53.39-a16a9cf5-b86c-423b-af4f-c04cb8e98739.dmp (679.1 KB)

Do not finish the last circle. OR
I did it with my group as host, stayed at the circle alone when the others went forward to the end bubble. Dont finish the bubble when they have not progressed enough.
You have to die of course then:)

As I said, tried it with a lot of shenanigans, yours included. Game managed to crash during the finale twice anyway.

Ok wow. Maybe we were just lucky i dont know.

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Yea, probably. It’s like with other bugged maps. People are prolly just spreading unknowingly missinformation, because if you do the bugged map once, you’re not going to play it another 10 times to test if what you changed actually solved the issue.

So you do your magic dance and pray to Sigmar, it works and then advice is dance and pray to Sigmar, while you just got lucky :smile:

At least that’s how it seems to me after getting all kinds of advices for W115 and it didn’t really work and then we just got in the end of one run and we had quite a lot of time and there were mobs left even after we go into the bubble.

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