Weave 94 is sound bugged

Weave 94 has a soundbug or something else which leads to a crash.
It is after the third drain at the gate. Sound gets screwed and then crash occurs.
FIX IT please. Nobody of my group can go past that gate. It crashes every time. Tested 5 times.
Around 5-7 minutes left sound also gets weirdly distorted but no crash.

A group seems to have finished weave number 94 today. I have no idea what the bug is related to.
crash_dump-2019-08-21-20.16.30-64f66fa9-5d97-482c-b83f-f1708d3cdd12.dmp (596.3 KB)

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And here again:

GUID: 7c81a0bf-1a1e-4d54-a8f5-958270cf8a6c
Log File:
Info Type:

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Thank you for your report, we’ll look in to this.

Lots of the higher weaves with many enemies have sound that cuts in and out…

Yes, but in this case the game crashes.

it’s a sound issue that too many sound events are triggered. We have a fix for the crash in our development. I will check with sound regarding this issue.

Please do as your whole selling point with winds of magic is weaves…But we cant play weaves because the sound is so horribly broken…

Also ask about the FPS problems and freezing problems too please?

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