Weave 94 crashing

Old issue, thought I’d add some logs.

Only tried once. Had sounds settings to “mono” and “low sound quality”. Issue occurred at the doors to the barracks (doors to final indoor area where portal is). Host and client was dead and spawned past the door. Last client was alive, stepped inside and everyone crashed immediately. Console and crash logs are from host.

console-2019-10-03-14.56.08-fda8fdae-ebfc-40ab-b748-f94df6270578.log (4.0 MB)
crash_dump-2019-10-03-14.56.08-fda8fdae-ebfc-40ab-b748-f94df6270578.dmp (543.9 KB)

I finished it today, as host, turning sound off entirely and staying back while the rest of the group passed the bugged area. We didn’t experience any crashes. Died to bypass bugged area and turned sound back on when finale had loaded.

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