Weave 94 crash

Old issue still exist.
Once finishing 3rd capture point and going close to the gate game crashed.
3 out of 3 times for host.
Only on 3rd for the rest of the group.

Had to delete first half of log as it was over 6mb
Will try to get the host log as well.

console-2019-10-13-16.12.49-b8fea663-73ac-470c-9455-03d3a7e60592.log (1.6 MB)

Also removing all sounds didnt change, host still crashed.

It’s no fun attempting this when it keeps crashing. The way I cleared it was to stay back as far as possible (as host), after clearing up until the last fracture, and dying after my team had passed the crash-prone area which seems to be the entrance to the barracks. No one crashed or experienced more than a tiny bit of audio issues.

I’ve also tried it later on 103, playing as off-host, and being the only one moving forward in the map. No audio issues there either. @Fatshark_Hedge I can’t say I’ve tested it extensively, but if you guys troubleshoot it then looking at hosts possibly triggering the audio issues might be interesting.

Will there be any fix for this or dont even hope for any fix before season 2?
Changing host, muting, host going back and dieing not pass the door manually doesnt matter, always crash.

console-2019-10-19-20.13.32-92d6388b-ff95-44d6-bbd0-8aa293f4a691.log (2.7 MB)

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