Season 4 Minotaurs crash weaves

There have been a couple of crashes between me and other weave groups i keep in contact with.

Any chance of a crash report please? Thanks in advance. i have this from my weaves last night, but yeah, mino’s have been crashing alot of twitch games from me and other streamers, have just been telling people not to vote mino’s. but seems like it happens when there is multiple, or they change aggro and go to charge
i know its not a crash report, but hope this helps

Same here in weave 70 mostly. @FatsharkJulia
Here’s crash logs
console-2020-12-09-19.12.49-c412de94-bd27-400f-82ee-b5374bd4b71b.log (1.1 MB) crash_dump-2020-12-09-19.12.49-c412de94-bd27-400f-82ee-b5374bd4b71b.dmp (651.7 KB)

Turns out its not just weaves but anywhere in the game when you get a minotaur.

Turn off pen lua mod whole party. If anyone use it, host crash

Edit : I suffered a lot crash on 70 but no crash on 110 after we turned off penlight lua. Still no crash on other weaves but consecutive crash on 30 today. We decided not to use BW and killed mino so fast. We could clear then. I don’t know what caused crash though. Maybe flamestorm i guess?

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I cleared 150 and there was a lot of crash too. When mino go through small door, it crashes. When mino have to charge but players are too far, it crashes. When mino kill someone hang cliff, it crashes.

When HM trigger, enemy don’t follow far. So you have to go near to kill tiggered enemy. This logic is for HM running glitch i think. But really make weave hard because time runs out.
Seems this affect mino and crash happen? IDK. But you have to kill mino normally or kick off cliff before crash.

There was too many crashes… total over 10+ when will you fix? This is imminent.

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I hope fatshark is aware of this, it’s very frustrating when you have a limited amount

of time to progress in weaves and you are getting fluffed over by a few crashes in a row…

most of the levels work fine but when there is a mino around then the chances for

crashes are high up there.

We’ve been getting loads of non-related mino crashes too, the host gets dx11 or dx12 has stopped working and this crash rarely produces a crash log…

Its not just one host either, im in the steam group for weaves and its been happening to many of us.

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