Minos are crashing games and have been for a long time

video of said crash below


Link is broken for me

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should work now. must’ve messed up the link. so this has been happening very long time on a daily basis. to the point we dont want minos in our games. which is a shame. bestigors also crash this way. they can charge on different levels/platform/areas. just crashes

Hm, strange.

I´ve never encountered this bug myself, even during the rare times i do play Twitchmode with bosses popping out in weird places.

Does it only occur for you by the Church there or are there any other spots? Any other bosses as well like when the ogre jumps?


Just saw a comment stating it happens in other places too, alright so…does it always crash with the mino specifically and everywhere or just a few places in particular that you can recall?

It has something to do with aggro switching and charging on weird terrain shenanigan.When was the last time you saw a Mino/Bestigor freeze in place while charging?Having a Shade in the team whenever a Mino vote occured almost always resulted in a crash which was what made us think that it’s due to aggro switching


I´ll take your word for it^^

Havent actually seen it in a long time i think, have been getting cases of spam charges again though.

Does it occur without a Shade present too?

Yeah it can.It’s just that having a Mist Shade in the team that’s spamming invis with reckless abandon makes it happen alot more.

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i play everyday. it happens everyday. its past common its inevitable for ppl like me. i play twitch mode only and always no good votes so the mino vote is always lurking. i instruct my chat not to vote for it and i usually put up an overly in text saying dont vote for it

in this clip u can see how easily and stupid this bug is. the witch hunter gets knocked up the stairs by a mino, which creates enough distance for the mino to initiate a charge. just that little terrain change in height, up 10 ish stairs, is enough for the mino crash to happen. no imagine all the elevation changes possible during all its charges aggroing 4 different players on all the maps. so yes, this is a very common bug if u commonly fight minos. this is game breaking for ppl that only play twitch mode on the harder settings

Having issues posting links from twitch.

Mino crash


^^^ that is what i was trying to reply above. u can see how easily this can happen

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This has been an issue for weeks, had it happen personally and other hosts a few times this past week as well. Didn’t realize there was a thread going, but I’ll pay more attention to clip it when it happens and paste them here from now on.

I’ve also had it happen with natural spawn minos and occasional bestigors (Twitch mode still connected). 200% minotaur increases the likelihood. I don’t enough data points with Twitch mode disconnected to confirm if it happens without Twitch mode. For context I play about 40+ hours of Twitch a week.

On a side note, I wonder if it’s related to why Twitch mode doesn’t connect for the first time you connect it (plenty of clips for this one). For example, it tells you it’s connected, but when you load up the game, it disconnects.


I was wondering what was going on when I started a map last night and there weren’t any votes

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