Beastmen Crashes - Offering Assistance

I hate to do a ping, but I’m going to. @FatsharkJulia Do you know if the Dev team has the information they need to fix the beastmen crashes? I’m positive you all are aware of it, but if you could let me know what information would be required to fix the issue, I would be glad to try and collect data samples. I’m assuming you will need logs as you often can’t even see the Beastmen yet when you crash which would make video evidence pretty useless.

Which of the beastmen crashes are we talking here? The Twitch mino or the rarer beastigor ones? I though the former had a 100% trigger rate so it should not be hard to replicate by any means…

But other than them was there another one you had in mind?

It doesn’t matter if mino is twitch or natural. They can crash either way. Bestigor also crash. The general theory is that it’s related to the charge in some way. Not positive. Either way, I’m just trying to find what info FS needs to fix it. Whether it’s a video or a log or whatever it may be.

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Mino is indeed not a twitch only crash. The spawn rate of them during normal gameplay is so low that you might not encounter it frequently enough to call it a huge problem, but Twitch puts the finger into the wound and twists it around.

It shouldnt be a huge problem to encounter the bug either. Just play some double twitch no boons no event modifiers and you will have trouble completing a map, depending on how lucky you are with the mino votes.

I’m not doubting the problem or anything, but I am not encountering it.
I have fought minos and the game ran fine ; and I don’t remember crashing because of bestigors either.
Do you have an approximation of how often it happens ?

We’re very aware of it :frowning: and it’s a high priority to fix.

The Minotaur crash specifically is pretty notorious, and we’re still trying to get to the bottom of it.

As to any other Beastmen-related crashes, any crash reports (if possible), or console logs so we can take a look under the hood, along with details of the level, location and event would be pretty helpful so that we can try and replicate it our end.


I have never had the game crash on me when mino´s spawn during normal cata play, this bug gotta be rather rare. Same for the beastigors, At worst i´ve just seen them or the minos crash and get stuck in the middle of a charge.

I have encountered the twitch mino crash but not the beastigor one although i recall seeing a video about it a fair while back.

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