Weave 95 crashes in finale

Someone pushed it already :sweat_smile:

Off topic, but I read this as Windows 95 crashing during weaves. Thought it was a troll lol


10 days, still not fixed?

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Year of the rat event should drop today, maybe we will see a fix for it in the patch notes.

Can tell the files are updated mostly daily (in the morning) since then. And stable_release last update was 2 hours ago. Which would mean this daily update is in test if the event does come out today as announced.

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@Bomber asked on twitter. The weave 95 fix will come tomorrow with the update, just wanted to let people here know.

So tomorrow with the update, means no update today the 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it has been delayed.

Then just to find that weave 96 crashes next :wink:

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