Random Crashes during Weave 54

We are trying to do weave 54 and had a number of crashes to desktop by the host.
We tried different hosts and turning off all the mods but that didn’t help.
At the earliest the crash happened at the start (before we got in the first door), at the latest around 8-10 minutes in, when we were trying to get to the arena. It crashed during the loading screen there.

My team started playing weave 50 and 51 before I joined and they told me they had the same crashes happen on those as well.

I’ve attached the most recent console log and crash dump.crash_dump-2020-12-09-22.28.35-d48b9c27-af90-4ec1-a71f-3c33feacc93e.dmp (585.2 KB) console-2020-12-09-22.28.35-d48b9c27-af90-4ec1-a71f-3c33feacc93e.log (747.5 KB)

Thank you for looking into it!

On the 5th or 6th try we could finish without a problem.

Crashed again on Weave 56:

crash_dump-2020-12-09-22.49.52-2058123a-f5c0-4a30-9759-936c996147ab.dmp (717.2 KB)
console-2020-12-09-22.49.52-2058123a-f5c0-4a30-9759-936c996147ab.log (1.9 MB)

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