Weaves crashes 1-20 season 4 (only at beginning or end of weaves during loading)

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The crashes happen either at the beginning of the weave when loading or at the end of the weave before the final stage and/or at the end of the final stage.

With each crash the game closes down and I am back at my desktop. Find attached the report logs of the crashes. The crashes happen only when doing weaves and only with Vermintide 2. So far doesn’t happen with other games.

crash_dump-2021-01-21-20.24.11-d4607307-661c-4e2a-aa97-04077ea9b355.dmp (701.1 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-20.59.31-c62f81e8-01ef-410f-b052-5cf7833509ed.dmp (671.4 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-21.54.58-25147897-7baf-4894-8516-d695db07a6a6.dmp (702.9 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-22.08.12-c88d7d81-5738-4fcd-9066-71c9e08abd71.dmp (678.4 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-22.24.22-a4d2b266-074b-4357-b9bb-0fab29dc2021.dmp (680.8 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-22.29.44-65363bf1-41d5-49a0-a394-561a3824c0f0.dmp (669.2 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-23.21.17-ab75c9ea-e06a-49c1-925c-1cd22128fdc9.dmp (719.1 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-23.23.22-6ce5b8a0-57cf-4f8e-877a-cf88015f9e23.dmp (722.3 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-21-23.33.10-c4a59a1f-7c72-48ff-86d3-a24d44a88056.dmp (726.1 KB)

Hi @theDan

Thank you for the report and apologies for the inconvenience. I’ll pass this along to our development team to investigate.

Could you also please upload your console log file from the session you experienced these crashes? It would be very helpful and much appreciated if you can. Thanks!

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ok find attached console logs
thanksconsole-2021-01-21-20.24.11-d4607307-661c-4e2a-aa97-04077ea9b355.log (1.5 MB) console-2021-01-21-20.59.31-c62f81e8-01ef-410f-b052-5cf7833509ed.log (2.6 MB) console-2021-01-21-21.54.58-25147897-7baf-4894-8516-d695db07a6a6.log (548.7 KB) console-2021-01-21-22.08.12-c88d7d81-5738-4fcd-9066-71c9e08abd71.log (884.3 KB) console-2021-01-21-22.24.22-a4d2b266-074b-4357-b9bb-0fab29dc2021.log (349.2 KB) console-2021-01-21-22.29.44-65363bf1-41d5-49a0-a394-561a3824c0f0.log (2.5 MB) console-2021-01-21-23.21.17-ab75c9ea-e06a-49c1-925c-1cd22128fdc9.log (333.4 KB) console-2021-01-21-23.23.22-6ce5b8a0-57cf-4f8e-877a-cf88015f9e23.log (652.6 KB) console-2021-01-21-23.33.10-c4a59a1f-7c72-48ff-86d3-a24d44a88056.log (1.7 MB)

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Super - thank you!!


any news @FatsharkLev ?

Sorry for the delayed response @theDan

Looking at your console logs, I believe the error you’re encountering is one that we have a fix in the works for. Our next patch should resolve this one.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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I have also been having crashes at the start and end of quickplay weaves and was really hoping that the hotfix would fix the crashes but I still get them.
console-2021-01-24-19.03.34-7499efdf-5c7f-4706-bb3c-c920c898f372.log (1015.6 KB) console-2021-01-24-17.51.02-baef920e-e0de-4cf7-aa4f-b6e1d13b5e3e.log (2.5 MB) crash_dump-2021-01-24-19.03.34-7499efdf-5c7f-4706-bb3c-c920c898f372.dmp (876.8 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-24-17.51.02-baef920e-e0de-4cf7-aa4f-b6e1d13b5e3e.dmp (863.8 KB)

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Hi @FatsharkLev,

Thank you for your update. Got 2 questions.
When will the next patch be released?
Can you specify and give more details on crashes?

We’re planning to patch very soon - should be within the next 48 hours. Keep an eye out!

This particular error required a code fix, though I don’t know the specific details of what the triggers were.

Once the patch is live, if you wouldn’t mind confirming if the crash is resolved it would be appreciated!


Thanks for the update!
I will wait for patch and let you know if it’s been fixed


dont want to celebrate to soon but it seems the crashes have been fixed


Huzzah! :grin: thanks for confirming.

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