Weave map broken, cant progress further

Hello, i wanna report bug/error that makes progres impossible. In the weave 10 (or 11? Its the “green one” with thorns on warcamp map) there is even on recruit diff incredibly hard to complete that weave, even with more players, thats one thing. Second thing is that the game crashes randomly, so it cant be done when i have “better” run to complete it.
Crashes occur only in this one map.

Sorry for bad english.

Hello! Which platform are you playing on - PC, Xbox One, etc.?

Im playing on PC.
GPU: RX 580
CPU: R5 1600
RAM: 16 Gb
Installed on high speed HDD.

Thank you! Is any crash report produced when this occurs? (A pop-up window containing a long ‘GUID’ string)

It would be super to see a crash report the next time this occurs, if possible.

Otherwise, if no crash report is produced, it would be appreciated if you could send us the console log corresponding with the session:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Hey, i have Crash dumps! :slight_smile: crash_dump-2021-03-19-20.43.00-d1e31791-bffc-4bd5-aee1-8c4233383472.dmp (616.3 KB) crash_dump-2021-03-21-17.37.54-c4867a0d-37d4-456d-b707-11119e92d6f4.dmp (610.0 KB) crash_dump-2021-03-21-18.38.38-5788b4f3-bde8-407b-a2e7-9e283e906ea3.dmp (592.6 KB) crash_dump-2021-03-18-13.56.40-8f1ee836-f175-4b03-a4d5-713536407382.dmp (567.7 KB)

And logs from same date:console-2021-03-18-19.09.50-8db2e4ea-438e-476f-8c43-e2a2928ebcab.log (2.3 MB) console-2021-03-19-20.43.00-d1e31791-bffc-4bd5-aee1-8c4233383472.log (2.2 MB) console-2021-03-21-17.37.54-c4867a0d-37d4-456d-b707-11119e92d6f4.log (1.9 MB) console-2021-03-21-18.38.38-5788b4f3-bde8-407b-a2e7-9e283e906ea3.log (433.3 KB) console-2021-03-21-18.57.50-fbd12277-d310-4b2f-ace2-21a313e2ab9d.log (1.1 MB)

Excellent! Thank you. Looking at the logs, I suspect this crash may have been patched on the 23rd. The difficulty is another issue in itself however, which we’ll need to look in to, but you may be able to play without crashing at least!

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