Dark Omen is in fact, an omen and crashtastic

Every match i’ve had since the WoM came out at 7 p.m , I have not been able to finish the dark Omen map because EVERY time it’s coming right to the end and the Boss is about to die, the screen flashes white and then lost connection to host/crash. Played with a friend and he crashed every time at the end and we all got kicked.

Want to kms :poop:

That’s unfortunate. Did you get a crash GUID? Can you post your console log for the session and crash dump? It will help the Devs find issues.

I’ve played it 3 times now with zero issues.

I didn’t get any crash log thing after. Usually I will paste it in here, but I didn’t get anything. PEPEHANDS

You do have all mods turned off right?

I had a crash too. It might’ve been related to the banners. I left one behind while heading to the crater, and think I killed a bearer before/while he was planting it. Don’t know if that’d mean anything. I didn’t save the crash log or anything though, sorry.

Yep same issues here. I’ve no mods, and when a big flashes appear to the end, tha whole server crash and restart the game with bots. At the first time i was really surprised thinking it was on purpose and it was a cool method to teleport in a huge epic battle… well i’m little more drepessed now.

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