Dark Omens end event strangely drawn out

I don’t know if this is actually a bug per se, but the end event has very long timers between the banner waves, to the point where players start asking if there’s a problem or search for other banners to break.

Perhaps the script for this needs some looking into and possibly be tightened up?

It has been my experience all the times I’ve played the level, on Legend difficulty.

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I think it was slightly confusing the first time, but it do say disturb the ritual until the first banner spawns.

It does, but:

  1. There’s no sign of any ritual in progress when you get there, nor of any special banners.

  2. The time between waves is so long that you think something is off or that you have missed something.

  3. (Minor issue) Because waves are so small and spaced out, the end event feels a bit too easy for Legend.

Obviously not a major thing, but also something that could be tightened up without having to change much.

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