Struggling to finish Dark Omens on Veteran with bots and books

I can complete all other missions with bots on Champion but I have not managed to finish Dark Omens on Veteran with all books*.
All my bots go down in the bossfight in seconds as soon as the Minotaur spawns. I am unable to revive any of the bots with the Minotaur on me and a horde of beastmen.
Compared to all other maps on veteran difficulty, the bossfight of Dark Omens is way out of balance.

*curse resistance on all heroes of course


Kruber Mercenary Bot, Bardin IB bot with 1h hammer, dual hammers or axe and shield, Saltzpyre Zealot bot with defensive/attack speed build. Voila. You can also use Unchained with ult healing the team. Give her 1h sword for added survivability.

May I suggest the better bots mod in the steam workshop? It’s essential for solo play.

Dark Omens is completely doable on Champ, or should be. I know the beef brigade is tough,but not that tough.

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The point is the comparison to the other boss levels in the same difficulty, not if it is doable or not.
This is a balancing issue. I am sure a good player can do it. That is not the point.
It is about not having all boss fights at the same diff level balanced equally. It should not be harder than the skittergate for example at veteran, or any other level in comparison, and that is not the case.

I addition the bots are more stupid than ever. they can not jump certain gaps, sometimes stand right in front of a special simply doing nothing.

I am not using the bot mods because they tend to crash the game atm and distort the image when it comes to feedback. You can only judge balancing in a vanilla build properly.

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