Finale difficulty of Dark Omens on Legend

Well it is quite nicely doable with 4 people up to the finale and once the boss spawns be it the minotaur for example then it becomes unreasonable with enemy spawns, banner carriers and horde this quite needs to be tuned down from how it currently is as it feels more designed for the hardcore masochist elite than the people that regularly play legend for fun.

Also i beated all maps on legend so all lords were slain on that difficulty why would i need to do it again to unlock Cataclysm difficulty?


I’m not picking on you, but I disagree. There is a method to it that doesn’t need any cheese strats and is quite doable on Legend with the sloppiest team (source: am bad and have sloppy team).

The Finale is real similar to Convocation, with spawns consistently coming from fixed points, they’re fairly easy* to control.

You probably already know the banners are the biggest problem here so group up and chop them down as necessary. When the minotaur appears after the halfway point, you can have two boss killers take him out while the other two continue to lockdown Wargors, or have just one dude kite the Mino while everyone defends the tank until the timer runs out and everything explodes. Kiting the minotaur is also easy*, probably the easiest** boss in the game to kite. His attacks do not drain as much stamina as any other and as long as you stay close he won’t do his charge attack (which is unblockable, does tons of damage, and hard to dodge).

*Well, not Cata levels of hard
**Sure that headbutt hurts, but at least he isn’t zoning off whole areas or regaining health by eating yours, right?

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All i can say is good for you that your team and you were able to but it is compared to the rest of the map overtuned there is already a topic with serveral replys saying that legend is not the way it should been like it was before 2.0

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