Final Events Difficulty on Legend

From about the last update, playing in Legend mode, there are some of the final events out of control.

Convocation of Decay - the final event suddenly spawns many stormvermins and at least 4 chaos warriors.

Athel Yenlui - in the final event swarms of many fanatics and many stormvermins at the 2nd-3nd alignment.

The Screaming Bell - the bell event spawns swarms, many stormvermins, and specials.

Fort Brachsenburcke - the final event is an endless sequence of swarms, fanatics, stormvermins, and specials. The final respawn area is a sort of deadly trap.

Empire in Flames - the final part of the barrel events spawns swarms of shielded barbarian, and at least CW after the explosion.

The Skittergate - in the final event, it is not rare that at least 2 groups of fanatics are joined to the party.

The Blightreaper - at the end of the final event, 4-6 chaos warriors are spawned.

Engines of War - into the skaven camp, the is an endless sequence of swarms, fanatics, and specials.

Enchanter’s Lair - the final fight is one of the hardest of the game with its endless sequence of chaos warriors (most of them shielded).

Dark Omen - this map needs a huge beastmen revision IMHO…
Try to think about the difference between the first ambush horde, and the following ones (much more harder).
The unreachable chaos wizards…

IMHO all these events need to be tuned to be challenging as much the map itself.

The ‘Enchanter’s Lair’ is a perfect example of an amazing & frustrating map, because the boss fight difficulty is out-of-scale compared with the played part (about 90%).

You basically listed every map where the “new” event scaling is used. 2/3rd of these is a snoozefest.
Enchanter admittedly needs some tuning in the last boss phase.
It’s probably more of a git gud problem.

All those events are scripted, and you have to know how to circumvent some of the difficulty spikes. Engines of War for example: it’s paramount to push to the cart and then soon after destroy the first doomwheel.
This is a bit outdated, some of it is not accurate anymore and almost everything is sclaed up a bit, but the rough triggers might help you in dealing with the event spawns.

The problem in many of these maps, is the difficulty peak. If you have an avarage difficulty level of 10, you cannot have a peak of 30.

About evading these peaks can be a dangerous path. For example, in Convocation of Decay, you can choose ‘the sacrifice’ way to skip almost the full final event.

The result here is that all the effort spent for this event is frustrated by a script glitch(?).
On the other way is that the result is the opposite: the whole players gameplay is frustrated by a difficulty peak simply out of tune with rest of the map.

A perfect example is the last map added (The Enchanter’s Lair): an awesome map that you play for 20-25 minutes and usually you fail the boss fight. Once the ‘new map’ magic is faded, this will be a typical map to avoid. The previous one (Blood in the Darkness) is by far more sastifying and balanced.

This map was published a month ago, but no tuning has been released so far…

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