Convocation of decay finale

This map feels absolutely insane on legend and cata for the finale. Walking around in circles with no cover with tons of chaos warriors and specials being thrown at you. Maybe you just need a shade or something to delete specials but dang. The finales of the maps certainly feel like finales now… Most of them i can deal with but this one has really stunned me at the level of difficulty.


I just got on here to say the same thing. I’ve never seen a blightstomer during the finale until tonight. Then a bunch of chaos warriors on top of the usual made this a wipe for my group.

It’s normally hard-ish & doable, but this insanity made me quit playing for the night.


Yeah I know now its great


I like it overall for sure! I think convo is a little rough though. Did not have the best team comp though so that also contributed.

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I agree it’s overtuned. Remove the 4 ratling and it’s probably ok. Add something else if it ends up being too bland. (gasrats maybe? forcing you to jump down?)


There’s a lot of inconsistencies as well. I’ve seen it on screaming bell but also skittergate where one game there is a deluge of storms and berserkers, and the next we didn’t see a single elite for the entire second phase rasknitt. Convocation feels incredibly difficult right now especially because people are adjusting to new combat changes, whereas before you were pretty much able to plant one person on each enemy approach and mow them down before they had a chance to get a move off


The great majority of final events are just too hard… I could accept them if we was in the “old Vermintide”… but currently, with these new problems, final event are too chaotic and random.


They are quite interesting and not boring slog like they were before, I would still boost a little horn of magnus finale because it wasn’t as hardcore as fort or convo

Yea that’s a good point. Combat changes plus the end events being 10x harder makes for a brutal change. Lots of the finales feel overturned and slightly ridiculous. I want the events to be hard but right now it’s a bit silly.


Pre WoW yep, final events were enough easy, but we need an half way… or at least we need a gameplay, like old one, when you could survive thanks your skill.

Stagger and “harder difficulty” apart, that may like it or not, we have too much random things… like unpredictable attacks, enemies spawned on your back, be hit also while pushing/dodging, tHP lack.


Well you can still survive, but right now if you want to do challenges you need cordinated team, not qp randoms

I would like a balanced game, not one where “I can still survive”.

Anyway your reasoning is right about Cataclysm, but Legend should be done (if you play well, obvly) also in qp… otherwise farming is impossibile. No farming = no progression = dead game. Vermintide is sadly based on farming.

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Well you can always play premades, and convo event is not that hard, you just need more space awarness because there is way more specials.

Honestly I haven’t understood what news this message adds to the previous one… but we simply have different opinion.

It is enough, have a good day.

You need a good shade:)

I am personally a big fan of this. This is the kind of difficulty spike I find fun. That event really tests if your party composition can clear all types of units quickly. Also, you don’t have to stand on the platform the entire time! Prior to the patch, most teams would just stay on the platform for the entire event due to the lack of threat. It can be very helpful for everyone to fall back to a corner for a little while to clear out heavies before resuming the event.

That’s understandable. I mean a big problem i see with these massive difficulty spikes they have introduced is quick play games… lots of people use QP to play a game and clearing a legend mission much less cata is now much much harder. This patch heavily influences you to play in a premade, which is fine for me but likely not for many other players. Most of the ideas people have suggested on this thread to combat the difficulty are under the assumption you are playing on a well coordinated premade team. That is extremely unrealistic for 85-90% of the playerbase. This was evidenced by J-Sat’s community survey. Vast majority of players use QP and now the QP experience is significantly worse. So yes, these events are of course do able but require too much for the average player. The normal counter argument to that would be: “oh just play on a lower difficulty”. This is problematic. You need loot to progress and the lower difficulties do not provide that for you. Again, i am speaking for the average player, not myself. Overall, i like the added difficulty but just some slight tuning down would help a lot. Specifically for legend, not cata.


I would like to see the difficulty spikes muted a bit to be more in line with say a horde + monster + a special. It’s rather disheartening to work through a level only to have it fall apart at the end like that. Maybe it’s the openness of the area in convocation that makes it get squirrelly without coordinated people.

I play with my wife, and since the patch there have been many instances where we stay together and live while others wander off an die. That’s able to be overcome most of the time & I have enjoyed the increase in difficulty, but I would like to see a smoother difficulty curve throughout the mission.

Edit: tonight we played convocation probably 5 or 6 times. One of the wipes about halfway though we had killed 47 specials. Eventually our last run made it to the final ritual where we mostly stuck together (plating with the same pug people each run) but we got stomped after the first pillar fell. A valiant effort was made, but it was not enough. I have completed this mission many times on legend prior to this change. It feels like a tweaked legend for the run, and the finale must be cataclysm or something. It doesn’t feel fun like this, it just feels insurmountable.


Festering Ground can get really bad as well if you don’t push. The first bubble area will keep spawning waves of SV/Zerkers until you cross the bridge.

Most legend QP parties lately have been wipes for me. I normally end up having to carry but dying to chip damage over time. The rest of the party uses up all the healing and I’m stuck trying to keep up temp hp. Normal Legend seems way to hard for most QPs. It’s been to the point where I’ve gone and ressed the entire party only for them all to die again. Res them again, they die and normally quit, including host. That’s the state of my current QP…


Consistency is such an important part of ‘skill threshold’ games. I thought fatshark had this down pretty tight but every change to monster spawns throws it all off. I’m hoping it’l get tightened down.