Convocation of decay -- End Event

Please, balance the end event for legend. Thank you.

What changes would you suggest so that it’s balanced?

Please git gut, its not hard to do that event

I’m one of the masochists who really like the increased difficulty of end events. I’m a bit disappointed they lowered the difficulty of Fort Bramblybush in the last patch.

A suggestion I’ve seen somewhere on the forums is for something to be done about the dazzling effect of leaving the summon circle. Most of the time when I fail the event, its because I’ve jumped out of the circle and been blind to the world for a good 10seconds. There are some options you can play about with to reduce the delay in getting your sight back but its not a great solution.

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I’m guessing after the Fort Bratwurstbrücke finale nerf we can expect Convocation of Decay to be next, now that the cheese is also gone (which is a good thing by the way). CoD end event punishes bad comps and positioning, thats all.