Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

I’m hearing a lot of mixed opinions on the Convocation of Decay (Legend) end event being OP. Please let us know by answering the poll below.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily promise change, but it at least allows me to pass the results on to our Game Designer for review.

  • OP
  • Nah

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I’m not sure you will get a good summary of the general opinion in a forum occupied by us addicteds. Is it possible to add this poll to the launcher. At least more people would see it then.

Also, if I may ask: Don’t you have your death map? I mean you should be able to see more or less how many teams reached the finale and how many succeeded. That should give a good impression on how difficult it really is.

Personally, I voted “Nah”. It is fine the way it is and one of the more interesting finales.


You’re right in that the results may be skewed here, but I’m not sure about adding to the launcher - I’ll have a word with Hedge on that. I don’t have access to the win/lose statistics personally, I’d like to see what the results are here before escalating it internally. :slight_smile:


Well, if you have read our threads then you know that it will “escalate” here faster :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the difficulty the way it is. The thing that sometimes makes it a bit annoying is the blinding effects when dropping down from the platform or a big boi wizard dies.


I play cata and i don’t find it OP. i didnt vote on the poll as its for legend players, just putting mine in comments if it helps.

Edit: i +1 the blinding effects, they are honestly too much, even when your adjust speed is set at a fast rate. I think fixing the blind effect or reducing it would help make it a bit easier for the players having a hard time on it.


This. Especially if you are colourblind, the constant switching in lighting by entering and leaving (and from VERY bright to VERY dark) is the sole reason why I don’t play this map anymore. Putting pressure on the heroes to not just camp on the ritual is fine, but not only makes this aspect the event very hard for me because I can hardly see anything in the dark, it makes me nauseous. Not good.

The event is “op” in relation to other events, in that it sticks noticably out in difficulty, but it is pretty exciting.

However, the constant swarm of specials/disablers puts too much necessity on having WS in your party :stuck_out_tongue:

Tone down disabler spawns a tad, tone down elite spawns a tad.


This is exactly right. Once you know how to do the end event it’s not so bad and is pretty fun, it’s just harder than most of the others. I can see why players would be frustrated by this. I was at first too.

I could see toning down disablers slightly and reducing the blinding effect.


I totally agree with what’s been written about the blinding brightness.

I’m pretty sure something went bad with one of the recent fixes. If you didn’t change anything in the script, but only fixed the cheese, then something quite likely went wrong. I haven’t played it enough to be certain. The issue would be spawns of regular mobs; infantry and elites.


Only problem with the event is the flashbanging whenever you pop in and out of the circle and/or the sorcerers die

Edit: agree with @Licious-D I’m colourblind and the event is particularly rough on my eyes lol


I voted OP, merely because the event is undeniably more difficult than the other end events on the same difficulty. The sheer number of Elites and Specials is pretty high (maybe not the highest of all but still), and that in combination with the tight movement space, yet the constant danger of being surrounded, the ledge where stuff can sometimes pop up out of nowhere, the possibilty to be easily split from your teammates because of the ledges so you can’t help each other, and the visual effects covering encroaching threaths as well, makes this event harder than other endings where you often have more space, a better possibility of avoiding being surrounded, and better sightlines.

Do note: Whether that means this Event needs to be tuned down, or the other ones need to be tuned up instead (or a mix of those options), is a completely different discussion!

On another note: I would like to express my appreciation for this post! These kind of things where somebody from FS asks a direct question about something so we can give focussed feedback, while knowing it is at least heard, is exactly the thing we would like to have more of here! Please do that more often!


It’s a more difficult event than the rest. It’s a recurring topic. And it have a specific challenge that is also waaaay harder than the others helmgart challenges right now.
‘if’ we forget the challenge (because we kinda all done it at the time) it would be more acceptable but still a bit more difficult than others events as it requires heavy armored elites management.
But the linked challenge should be changed accordingly by lessening the time needed for example.
As it is now challenge require an heavy strategy, perfect coordination AND luck to be done in cata (and therefore in legend for legend-able players). A challenge should not depends on luck.


There’s a possibility people haven’t toughed-it-out and learned it due to being able to cheeze it.

The end event is the same as the other possibly contentious ones - spread out and do stupid stuff and you’ll get ripped a new one. Nurgloth, Old Haunts, Fort, Righteous Stand… all could be made much harder if players a dumb. Difference is CoD forces you to spread out quite often.

The darkness in CoD is definitely the cause of a lot of wipes for me personally. Dropping down and getting thumped or gunned to bits because my eyes aren’t adjusting fast enough is often a cause of death for me. And I mean my eyes adjusting to sudden darkness, not the effects (which suck anyhow).

I suggest that the lighting changes are not for each player but whether the entire party is in or out. That could help people understand how the timer works a bit better and would only happen once everyone drops out of the circle. Having one person in the circle keeps the event “lit”.


I haven’t. Am still not bothered by the finale and the challenge being brutally hard.

EDIT: I am slightly irritated that the poll allows to check both marks. Because now we have a binary question with a voter turnout of 105 %


What do you mean with ‘luck’?

I would guess not getting a badly placed Globadier or … Blightstormer. Both are area denial effects which either mean death or moving from the central spot.

Exactly what Adelion said =p

If I’m the only one you can blame me :stuck_out_tongue: I just can’t help myself when I’m presented with a silly option.

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Not the number of the enemies makes it hard but the different visual effects which disturb the sight.

The green tint of the final fight makes the map monochrome so your experience might be very similar to ours.

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I’d really like to know the win rate on CoD. If the win rate is significantly worse than the other maps I think it should be changed.

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