Convocation of DEcay End Impossible


the end in convocation of decay is way too hard, in legend
too many specials, armored, etc, too much at one
it’s impossible to complete

i think i should be toned down a bit, make it a bit easier

thanks for reading


The Convocation of Decay ending is definetly compared to most other maps a lot more difficult.
You have to assign at least 1 hero who reliably gets rid of the specials or even 2.
I’d recommend the priority order:

  1. Disablers (Assassin, Leech,Hookrat) and Blightstormer
  2. Gasrat, Gunrat
  3. Infantry (the normal enemies, which make up a horde)
  4. Kerillian (depending on the circumstances can be quickly added to the Top Priority Targets)

Usually when the Blightstorming starts, when people are jumping out of the soup and get split, the whipe occurs. If you really need to jump, STILL stick together.
If you are well coordinated you can move in circles in the soup until the storm disappears.
In the soup try to watch each others backs and quickly get rid of Elites.

Having a Shildbreaker in there would help to quicker kill Shieldunits, like with a Greataxe/2h Hammer or a Flail.


Well Legend is supposed to be the hardest difficulty for non DLC owners…
the event ist harder than most others but definitly not impossible.
Most of the people playing on Legend do it with ease, so why not you?
It should be your goal to get better and not to cry about how “unfair” it is.
Hard truth sorry but not sorry. :kissing_heart:

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I haven’t problems to complete it, but I agree with the original poster.

Maps must be balanced. Convo (and few other examples, like Engines of War or Fort) is an innatural spike of difficulty.


Its not convo is hard, its rest of event laughably ease


I dunno if it’s any different on the beta but both times it’s turned up for me recently (legend) the group has had no trouble getting through it so I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m taking about pubs mind you, not a coordinated group, so should be easier if you have a regular group.

I’d assumed they’d basically nerfed it back down to almost what it used to be before they rebalanced end events.

No idea what it’s like on Cata mind you.

Legend is the primary loot grinding difficulty, I don’t see why most of the maps not being a huge challenge is an issue. They’re definitely still hard for people new to it, but experienced players being able to reliably and pretty easily grind legend isn’t at all an issue when cata exists.


While I do agree that Convations Ending is a bit harder than some of the other levels, it is certainly not “impossible to complete”. Also of the events that are harder than legend standard (things like Fort Braglebreaker finale and the mid level event for Engines of War) I would say the Convocation finale is my favorite so I would be more in favor of leaving it as difficult as it is.


Fort Brachsenbrücke and Engines of War wipes usually occur if the heroes don’t stay together.

At Engines of War try to take out the Gasrats ASAP and destroy the first Doomwheel. After that it kinda gets easier.

At Fort Brachsenbrücke just stick together. And be carefull about monks, don’t get backstabbed by those cause that hurts.

Last time I checked, you can still cheese convo end. But if I talk about it they will fix it so…

Don’t worry there are snitches. :wink:

Engines event is kinda weird in that just clearing the mobs doesn’t really get the job you kinda have to operate around them. Invis heroes can cheese that first barrel which is pretty handy.

The end of convocation is still ridiculous.

You can’t see hardly see the specials from all the effects on the screen. Any time you enter or leave the center the screen goes green/black for 30 seconds.

The ramp on difficulty on this map is abysmal. By far and away the hardest Helmgart map on legend, by a factor of 3-4 times as difficult just because of the ending.

I don’t mind that the cheese was fixed, but they should have fixed the difficulty to be more in line with the rest of the maps. It seems like they’ve made most of the other maps easier, and left this one dang near impossible.

The boss fights for Into the Nest and War Camp are laughable now.


Those are graphical issues and the screen flashing when going in an out can be set in options with ‘exposure speed’ or something like that, but i agree that its annoying.

The event could get some help but not in the nerf category but more in the ‘show players how it works’. Not to be mean but you are probably making mistakes which you get away with in other events. Other events are more straightforward, convo is more open, nobody knows how it works, everyone splitting (as its very easy to split in qp, i dont blame anyone). to have an easy time you shouldnt stay in the circle and should use the checkpoints. Thats why i’m still of the opinion that the event should be fixed in the ‘psychology’ department (if thats a good word), and not be nerfed, as i think thats one of the biggest reason players wipe.

Also hard to see for us how you play the event and why you think it’s impossible. i don’t think its the amount of elites as other events have the same amount of elites or even more and there isn’t alot of complaining about those i think.

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Ah, yes. Convo. The ending which requires either individual skill and good situational awareness or sticking together. The finale where you cannot just spam left click and win. A challenge. On legend. The highest difficulty in the base game. And it is difficult to complete? Hardly a surprise. I agree that it is an outlier in terms of difficulty but that just highlights how dead simple most of the other finales are. The lack of special pressure on finales like Festering Ground’s makes it trivial.

Back to Convo. Have somebody snipe specials. WHC/BH, Kruber, Dwarf with crossbow, Elf with Longbow etc. Disablers(assassins, hook rats and leeches) are a priority. Leeches don’t spawn in this event so no need to worry about those. After that, focus on specials with area denial(Gunner, Gas and Blightstormer).

Elites are more of a in your face problem so careers that can make space for you are great here as they can allow you to get in a few hits. Incendiary bombs are also a great way of getting some breathing room. If you are getting overwhelmed, regardless of why, you can always drop from the circle. Sticking together here is vital as you have enemies spawning on one side and you have enemies coming to you from the circle. Hook rat can spawn very close to you here and may also drop down on you so paying attention to the special sounds queues is key. Go back up the stairs in to the circles and smack enemies as they are in the climbing animations. During this running around manoeuvre, you must have somebody continue watching for specials. Repeat for success.

Just big case of git gut

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…While i find the tone of some of the replies here to not quite hit the mark of what the guidelines suggest i do agree that the event itself is not impossible, merely difficult.

A test of skill and teamwork.


Agree with you. The event is certainly doable, even with random quickplay teams. It’s not impossible. Not at all.

However: The point most people want to make, is that the event is disproportionally more difficult than the rest of the map and the other end events. And they’re correct in that observation. Whether that is because people have trouble figuring the event out, or because there are too many specials, or whatever, doesn’t matter much for this discussion.

Something could be said in favor of consistency in difficulty, and when people plead for that, the answer to that can’t just be “Git gud.”.

I personally don’t mind a discongruence in difficulty between maps much. I like a more difficult part once in a while. But for the health of the game it could be better to have certain baseline in difficulty, instead of having one random act 1 map being more difficult than the final bossfights…


I do agree that the event is a lot harder than the rest of the map in general but there are a few occasional exceptions to this that comes to mind :

  1. Boss on the spiral stairs with a ongoing horde.
  2. Boss+horde post the ledge you jump down from past the second tome.
  3. Chaos patrol+horde on the little mountain path just post the 3rd tome.

Then as for other events, screaming bell can be tough too depending on spawns, athel yenlui punishes any glimpse in awareness extremely fast with it´s 360* Spawns.

Righteous stand i think has gotten notably harder, as has “Empire in flames” & " Festering ground", with them in mind i do not feel that “Convocation of decay” is really out of line.

That’s a whole balance discussion and it will be hard to come to a solution for that problem as it’s again, very subjective. It’s also very hard to compare events to each other as they have different area’s, different mechanics, different enemy compositions, different objectives, some are more straightforward then others, which also make them easier or more difficult if you don’t know how it works. ( imagine if you couldn’t turn 1 part of the circle at once on athel and that you have to kite around multiple times, alot of players would say it’s too difficult because they expect to be able to do it at once). Also bosses in general are very easy and need fixing (i mean bosses like into the nest, skittergate semi boss, etc those are dead in their animation on legend, which makes it so most of his mechanics dont have to be dealt with or learned (it’s not that difficult his mechanics but still)

The best thing to do right now is to learn the event. Before you could stay inside the circle on legend and like never jump out, unless there was a stormer or gas. Now it’s a bit harder and requires you to actually make use of jumping off, staying close while jumping off, using the checkpoints.

I do agree that ‘git gud’ answer is bad to say, but sometimes it just is the answer. Do other events on legend make you not require those mechanics? or let you get away with mistakes? then i would personally say that they should be buffed, as i don’t mind long events where you actually feel pressured, like my athel example.( just personal opinion, i know making athel harder where you cant do one part at once would probably make alot of legend community mad)

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