Convocation of DEcay End Impossible

Sure, making all other end events as difficult as that of Convo is also a possibility. Something could be said for that. The disparity between the rest of the map and the end events would become rather big, though. But that’s a completely seperate discussion. In the discusson about how the end of Convo is not proportional to the endings of other maps, and whether that is a bad thing or not, the answer “git gud” can never be the appropriate one.

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Yes that’s true. Op’s complaint was about convo being to difficult to complete, so for this, how rude or arrogant it sounds, learning from your mistakes or ‘getting better’ is a valid answer. but i understand it isnt if we talking about difference about events


I think it’s hard only because specials are barely visible. The green mist and the blinding effect of jumping in and out easily conceal them.

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I think a lot of the difficulties in Convocation of Decay could be ‘fixed’ if instead of staying on a circle and getting knocked off, the circle could be a hill. Think about it, you could see the specials from the top because they won’t be blocked off by marauders. Getting knocked down doesn’t cause you to get stuck crawling onto the stairs while your teammates die in the middle. Personally I think a ‘King of the Hill’ style objective with an actuall hill would be cool.

Of course the end point would have to be re-made for it but I think it’s a good idea anyway.

Oh yes, nerf all the finales because people can’t/don’t bother to kill specials/elites( even better: not helping others to get up/to break free from disablers), and now that Fort Brachsenbrücke finale has been nerfed to joke level I guess Convo will be next especially since the cheese has been fixed too…


Yeah what the hell is up with that? I’ve done like 3 runs on it so far on Cataclysm and it’s been an absolutely joke. It feels straight up like I’m playing on Champion, there’s so few enemies now, all the stormvermin and plague monks got removed, and now it’s just a few chaos enemies with some maulers. I don’t think it needed to be changed in the first place, but this is just ridiculous.


Good, there are others who got that impression as well. I was very irritated by the absence of monks. I can only assume that a mistake happened there somewhere because they changed/varied the spawns for several events and Fort Brachsenbrücke is the only one so far which feels really off after the change.
I said it in another thread already. Due to Lohner’s careful planning our Heroes are either entering while the enemy is distracted or already has moved on. As such we have never a real clash with the main forces. The one notable difference is Fortunes of War where our Heroes have to rush to the scene because their intel got intercepted and the enemy is sending for once an actual fighting force.

Which brings me back to Fort Brachsenbrücke. That map finale is an ACTUAL SIEGE. It should be ridiculous and painful. I mean it is already absurd that non-canoniers shoot reliably three siege weapons. And no map finales do neither be consistent in difficulty with the rest of the map nor between each other.

I think Fort Brahftuhsknhfgdth could need an half way: harder than now, but easier than “pre-nerf” version… but maps like Convocation, Skittergate and mainly The Enchanter’s Lair should be tuned down a little to make them closer to the other maps. IMHO.

Enchanter’s lair can stay hard. That’s a bossfight against what lorewise should be the most powerful enemy the Ü5 ever fought. I like having such challenging maps in the game. I’d rather it is taken out of the quickplay rotation than have it nerfed to the difficulty of the other maps.


I don’t agree with skittergate. If they nerf skittergate it would be easier then screaming bell. if they nerf final boss they have to buff the middle boss and add actual mechanics to him.


Fort is too easy right now.
Skittergate isn’t hard, just tedious due to the large health pool.
Enchanter’s Lair is fine, it’s the first boss with interesting mechanics and phases.
Convocation and Righteous are probably the hardest non lord events but I don’t think they need to be nerfed at all.

If anything some events need bringing up, add specials to the events that don’t include any.
(Specials will be a threat and allow RV to take advantage of his passive during this “long” fights)

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The only thing I dislike about Convo now is that this Challenge is now impossible - or at least 100x more difficult than what it used to be.

The end event of Convocation of Decay isn’t really hard as people already mentioned here.
I do agree on the visual obstruction though, it’s really annoying.
I played Twin Mutator + Vanguard on this map, it was really awful, not because of the difficulty level but because of enemies splitting up and the effect when they do so paired with the visual obstruction of the maps final. I don’t even know how to describe it. I ran darkness mod on Blightstormer and that wasn’t even half as annoying as this. It’s like somebody sat you in a chair took a good spin with you for 10 rounds, took a can of pepper spray and just blasts you in the face with it and then says you are good to go now - go get them tiger you will be fine.

On a more serious note, these constant posts of nerf finals is showing how disproportionate the skill level is in the community.
That being said, I don’t undestand why Fatshark, if they want to appeal to newer players, don’t just tweak around up to Legend and just leave Cataclysm as it is, or was before.
Sometimes I don’t really understand how Fatshark goes about fixing stuff.

It’s like you gave us a higher difficulty that we pay for which is fine with me, others might have a different opinion on it but that’s beside the point.
Wasn’t Cataclysm aimed the top percentage of players? Why would you nerf the highest difficulty that you advertised as 1. not being loot focused and secondly you put it behind a paywall to make sure only a handful of people are going to play it.
Now that you get more people interested in it you suddenly start to nerf things here and there?
Why put up all that effort and then again cater to the lower player when it wasn’t meant to be that way from the beginning.

P.S.: If it was up to me I would add a bossfight to every final event that has none.

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I agree about cata, but this is about legend.

If I am not mistaken the visual obstruction of the final event is the same throughout all difficulties which was my initial point.

As pointed out several times by me. But the answer was “Do not balance around a challenge”. But this challenge is way out of league compared to others ones right now.

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I feel like the difficulty was raised this last patch though. I only played it once or twice after patch, mind you, but this last time I had quite a few Chaos Warriors spawning during the first wave. They kept spawning at an unusual rate throughout the event. It was quite chaotic, so it was hard to notice if anything else differed from before.

I don’t mind difficulty or Convocation being rough, but if the event was accidentally made a bit harder :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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What worries me isn’t the grade of difficulty, but the type.

We could also make it harder and remove it from the QP pool, but to die because you got hit once (even blocking) by his scythe (a fast attack that almost covers the entire arena)… seems to me really unfair. Literally starts a chain where you haven’t the control and you can only see your HP bar reaches the 0.

Get hit while in midair, land on the eruption… this is the bad part, not the grade of difficulty.

I think I used the wrong verb. More than “nerf”, it would be more correct “make it more consistent”… because sometimes it’s really balanced. Other times there is an infinite spam of monks and shielded SV.

Anyway, if it depended by me, I would re-build that bossfight from zero.

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So I just wanted to mention that I think some people might be getting their wires crossed here.

I think many people are assuming that convocation is about as hard as it was a few weeks ago when in fact I’m pretty confident that it has been made harder.
Recently fatshark have made convocation uncheeseable (removed the die in the circle bug) and I think while they were doing this I believe they have upped the difficulty.

I would say that recently they made the end of convocation of decay about as hard as a moderate to hard cata level. This is a bit of a problem if you just queue up to some legend quick play and land on convocation because unless your team is full of people capable of running a cata you will pretty much know that you can’t win.

I really like having hard levels and I think some levels should be really hard however I think this might have been an accident or fatshark didn’t realise quite how much harder than every other level it is now.


Maybe it’s time legend starts to feel like the hardest difficulty.

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